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Nader Sobhani

Nader Sobhani


Nader Sobhani worked as an Intern for the Ecologic Institute in Washington DC. Nader Sobhani was dedicated to academic research in corporate social responsibility (CSR). He is fluent in English and French, and proficient in Arabic and Persian.

At Ecologic Institute Nader contributed to several projects, such as working with farmers in Indiana to promote renewable energy technologies, exploring the American experience with fracking, and developing the ELEEP network.

Before joining the Ecologic Institute Nader Sobhani has completed various internships and research opportunities. In 2013 at CONTRACK International, Nader worked as a market analyst and provided his team with necessary information so that the company could make smart and reliable investments. At Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), Nader also worked as a research assistant and analyzed Corporate Social Responsibility reports.

Since 2011 Nader Sobhani has been working towards attaining his Bachelor's degree in International Studies from Virginia Tech, with an emphasis on environmental studies and global development. After earning his Bachelor's degree, Nader Sobhani would like to begin working on a Master's degree in Developmental Economics with a focus on natural resource management.

In his spare time Nader Sobhani likes to play soccer and read. He also likes to travel across France and Lebanon, while visiting his family and friends.