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Sylvia Paulot

Sylvia Paulot

MSc (Environmental Science)
Alexander von Humboldt International Climate Protection Fellow

Sylvia Paulot joined Ecologic Institute from April 2015 until February 2016 as a part of a year in Germany as an International Climate Protection Fellow through the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Her interests include climate change policies, specficially climate change mitigation and adaptation. Sylvia's mother tongue is Malagasy and she is fluent in French, English and Indonesian/Malay, with basic knowledge of Thai and German.

Sylvia's study at Ecologic Institute focused on climate change adaptation policy and measures in Germany. Specifically, she used practical research results from projects such as Regional Adaptation Strategies for the German Baltic Sea Coast (RADOST) and Bottom-Up Climate Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Europe (BASE) to work on determining specific tools, methods, approaches, and best practices that can be used to improve the adaptation measures and practices in the coastal communities of her home country.

Prior to joining Ecologic Institute, Sylvia worked with Blue Ventures Conservation in Madagascar as conservation officer for the Blue Forests project. In this capacity she was involved in conducting REDD+ and Payment for Ecosystem services feasibility studies in southwestern Madagascar, facilitating community education, and oversaw the Free Prior and Informed Consent consultation for the Blue Forests projects. Before that, Sylvia was an intern at the Mangrove Actions Project in Trang (Thailand) and actively volunteered with NGOs in Indonesia and Thailand.

Sylvia holds a Master's degree in environmental science from the Sebelas Maret University (Central Java, Indonesia). In her thesis, she investigated the participation of a forest dependent community with one of Indonesian's REDD+ demonstration projects in Central Kalimantan (Indonesia). During her Master's studies she was a recipient of the Developing Countries Partnership Scholarship.