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Kelly Gouhoury

Kelly Gouhoury

MSc. Environmental Economics & Environmental Engineering

Kelly Gouhoury worked as an Intern at Ecologic Institute Berlin from April to September 2016, where she focused on socio-economic assessments and social acceptance of soil management practices. She is particularly interested in integrating natural capital into decision-making tools in order to ensure efficient measures for nature conservation. She has a solid background in conservation policies and environmental decision-making both at the national and European levels. A French native speaker, her working language is English. She also has good knowledge of Spanish.

During her stay at Ecologic Institute, Kelly Gouhoury supported the research project Sustainable Subsoil Management (Soil3), in which Ecologic Institute is responsible for the socio-economic assessment of subsoil management techniques. She contributed to the structuring of a conceptual framework for the project and reviewed and assessed related data, tools, social research methods and socio-economic concepts. She explored the relations between cost-effectiveness analysis and cost-benefit analysis and evaluated their advantages for both economic assessments at farm and societal levels. Besides conducting a survey of soil experts to identify the contribution of the sub-soil for the delivery of soil-related ecosystem services, she also analysed costs related to farming innovations. Finally, she explored decision-making theories relevant for subsoil management and assessed interview methods that could be used for analysing the social acceptance of subsoil management techniques.

Prior to joining Ecologic Institute, Kelly Gouhoury completed an internship at the French Ministry for Environment within the wildlife protection team where she helped develop a new structure for a national action plan for endangered species.

After two years of high-level preparatory classes, Kelly Gouhoury joined a French engineering school in Paris, called AgroParisTech, providing excellent education in the fields of environment, agronomy and life science. Her internship at Ecologic Institute completed her five years of university studies. She has graduated with a dual Master's degree in Environmental Engineering and Economics in October 2016.