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Dr. Heidi Stockhaus


Dr. Heidi Stockhaus

Ass. iur.

Coordinator International Development
Senior Fellow


Dr. Heidi Stockhaus works as a Senior Fellow for the Ecologic Institute's Legal Team and as a Coordinator for International Development. Her main areas of expertise are German, European and international environmental law. Heidi Stockhaus has experience in the implementation of international environmental treaties in developing countries. Heidi Stockhaus works in German and English and has basic knowledge of French and Vietnamese.

At Ecologic Legal, Heidi Stockhaus works on various projects for German and European funders. In the field of international environmental law, she has worked on projects concerning international governance of mineral extraction, international soil governance and transboundary environmental impact assessment. Since 2021, she is the German Member of the Implementation Committee under the Espoo Convention on Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment.

At the European level, the projects of Heidi Stockhaus primarily deal with the implementation of EU environmental law in the Member States and mechanisms to assure compliance. She also works on legal projects in Vietnam, most recently on climate change legislation and air quality management. Other projects of Heidi Stockhaus include projects on national soil protection law, on the enforcement of environmental criminal law in the federal states, on the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and on the Federal Climate Protection Act.

Before joining Ecologic Institute Heidi Stockhaus had already worked in Southeast Asia. As an integrated expert for the Vietnamese Ministry of Environment she supported the Legal Department with the implementation of international environmental treaties and in ongoing legislative processes. From 2009 to 2012 she also worked for the German Advisory Council on the Environment as researcher. During this time she contributed to the reports on precautionary strategies for nanomaterials and on the responsibility in a finite world.

Heidi Stockhaus studied law in Bonn (Germany) and Brighton (United Kingdom) with a focus public economics law and German, European and international environmental law. She then obtained a doctorate from Freie Universität Berlin with a thesis on the Regulatory Approach of the European Chemicals Legislation. During her legal traineeship she worked for the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the Legal Assistance Centre in Namibia.

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Selected projects by Dr. Heidi Stockhaus

International Environmental Law

| Markus Distelrath |
Many lifetime extensions for nuclear power plants are planned for the coming years. Ecologic Institute supports the German government in negotiations under the Espoo Convention on the question of whether a transboundary environmental impact assessment is required... Read more
| Fotolia © Andreas F
Resource extraction has often significant impacts on the environment. Ecologic Institute analyses for the German Federal Environment Agency governance instruments which can foster, establish and enforce global standards for environmentally sound raw material extraction.... Read more

© Heidi Stockhaus

Soil degradation has been on the international political agenda for several years. This development is also reflected in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted in September 2015. In order to achieve these globally, international soil protection law must be... Read more

Vietnam and Asia


Richard Whitcombe |

Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues. Calls for a global treaty to tackle plastic pollution have increased over the last years, discussions will continue at the next sessions of the UN Environment Assembly in February 2022. After... Read more

© Heidi Stockhaus

In order to reduce air pollution, especially in large cities, Vietnam is discussing the introduction of air quality planning and an integrated permit system as part of the revision of its Law on Environmental Protection. Together with the Independent Institute for... Read more
| Thomas Gerlach |
Vietnam is currently revising its Law on Environmental Protection and therefore also revisiting the chapter on climate change. Ecologic Institute supports the Vietnamese Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in adapting the provisions to the requirements of the... Read more

Enforcement of Environmental Law

| © Europäische Kommission
In January 2018 the European Commission adopted an Action Plan to improve compliance with EU environmental rules. Ecologic Institute and its partners support the European Commission in implementing the Action Plan. In particular, the project assists the European... Read more

Implementation of the European Union's Action Plan on Environmental Compliance Assurance and Governance

|Fotolia © hin255
In February 2017, the European Commission published for the first time an Environmental Implementation Review (EIR). The EIR aims to improve implementation in the field of EU environmental policy, by trying to identify the causes of implementation gaps, and to find... Read more

Development of an Assessment Framework on Environmental Governance in EU Member States

Selected publications by Dr. Heidi Stockhaus
UBA TEXTE 31|2020
This research report of the Ecologic Institute addresses how Germany can contribute, through international governance, to reduce the environmental impacts of mining activities outside its territory. It provides a stocktake of existing governance approaches at the... Read more

Bodle, Ralph et. al. (2020): International Governance for Environmentally Sound Supply of Raw Materials – Policy Options and Recommendations. Dessau-Roßlau: Umweltbundesamt.

This research report by Ecologic Institute identifies ways in which Germany can improve international soil governance in the short, medium and long term. It begins with an inventory of existing international instruments and institutions relevant to soil governance at... Read more

Bodle, Ralph et. al. (2020): Improving international soil governance – Analysis and recommendations. Dessau-Roßlau: Umweltbundesamt.

UBA TEXTE 48|2019
The research report by Ecologic Institute provides a legal assessment of whether German law is suitable to achieve the sustainable development goal "land degradation neutral word" (LDN) by 2030, and recommends options for improvement. The analysis focuses on rules for... Read more

Bodle, Ralph and Heidi Stockhaus 2019: Geeignete Rechtsinstrumente für die nationale Umsetzung der bodenbezogenen sustainable development goals, insbesondere des Ziels einer "land degradation neutral world". Abschlussbericht. Umweltbundesamt: Dessau-Roßlau.

UBA TEXTE 135/2019
A 2018 report co-published by Interpol estimates the annual turnover generated by environmental crime at 110 - 281 billion US dollars. Environmental crime causes significant damage to the environment and public health. This report presents insights on environmental... Read more

Gerstetter, Christiane et. al. 2019: Status quo und Weiterentwicklung des Umweltstrafrechts und anderer Sanktionen: Instrumente zur Verbesserung der Befolgung von Umweltrecht (Compliance). Umweltbundesamt: Dessau-Roßlau.

This study by Ecologic Institute shows that Germany can learn a lot from experiences made in its neighbouring countries to give its climate policies a robust framework and thus make it more reliable, also for investments in climate-friendly measures. At the same time,... Read more

Duwe, Matthias und Heidi Stockhaus 2019: Klimaschutzgesetze in Europa. Überblick und Bedeutung für ein deutsches Klimaschutzgesetz. Kurzstudie des Ecologic Institut im Auftrag des WWF Deutschland.

In the current debate about a Federal Climate Change Act, people often overlook that in Germany about half of the federal states already have a climate change law as a comprehensive legal framework. In a study for WWF Germany, Ecologic Institute gives an overview over... Read more

Sina, Stephan and Heidi Stockhaus 2019: Landesklimaschutzgesetze in Deutschland. Überblick und Bedeutung für ein Klimaschutzgesetz des Bundes. Study by Ecologic Institute on behalf of WWF Germany.

This FAQ note presents the links between the Birds and Habitats Directives and the Nitrates Directive. The FAQ note specifies the legislations’ objectives, highlight the interactions between both areas of legislation, and points to the opportunities for greater... Read more

European Commission (ed.) 2019: FAQ note on the links between the Nature Directives and the Nitrates Directive.

Selected events by Dr. Heidi Stockhaus
Mehr als 25 Referierende waren Teil des zweitägigen Programms | Foto: Stephan Röhl
On 19 and 20 February 2019, the German Environment Agency (UBA) hosted the international conference "Raw Materials & Environment 2019" in Berlin. More than 25 speakers and about 150 participants - decision makers and experts in the thematic areas of mining... Read more

Conference:Raw Materials & Environment 2019 – International Conference

Berlin, Germany
© UfU Unabhängiges Institut für Umweltfragen
A delegation of Vietnamese government representatives took part in a study tour on "Air Quality Management in Germany" in Berlin from 24 to 30 November 2019. The Independent Institute for Environmental Issues organized the study tour together with Ecologic Institute on... Read more

Visitors Program:Air Quality Management in Germany

Berlin, Germany