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Marta Chelminska

Marta Chelminska

MSc (Economics and Management)
BA (Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems)
International Fellow

Marta Chelminska was an International Fellow at Ecologic Institute from October 2017 to April 2019. Her work focused on economic issues, applying her knowledge and analytical skills to the environmental context. Her native language is Polish. She also speaks fluent English and German and has conversational knowledge of Spanish.

At Ecologic Institute Marta Chelminska worked mainly on the project Methods for the Valuation of the Environmental Burden of Disease. Within this project, she examined the methods for monetisation of environmental health risks and their applicability in the German context. Marta Chelminska also worked on the Horizon 2020 project "Measuring the IMPACTS of the Transition to the CIRCULAR economy" (CIRCULAR IMPACTS), in which she researched the potential macroeconomic impacts of an EU-wide transition to circular economy. Furthermore, she was involved in the project "Development of an Assessment Framework on Environmental Governance in EU Member States", within which she coauthored the country report for Poland.

Before joining Ecologic Institute, Marta Chelminska worked as a student assistant in the fundraising department of the independent humanitarian non-governmental organization Doctors Without Borders. Before that, she completed internships in the private sector.

Marta Chelminska holds a Master's degree in "Economics and Management Science" from the School of Business and Economics at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Germany). This internationally-oriented program provided her with a deep understanding of economic analysis. Marta Chelminska obtained her Bachelor's degree at the Warsaw School of Economics (Poland) where she completed the program "Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems". There, she obtained knowledge of the basic principles of economics, finance and management and good understanding of quantitative analysis. During her bachelor studies, Marta Chelminska completed an Erasmus exchange semester at the University of Liechtenstein. In that time, she attended courses focusing on management, entrepreneurship and communication.