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Anna Leipprand


Anna Leipprand

Master of European Studies

Anna Leipprand joined the German Advisory Council on the Environment in December 2008. She is scientific assistant to the chairman of the council and focuses on energy and resource policy in her work. Between 2005 and 2008, Anna Leipprand was a Fellow and Researcher with Ecologic Institute. Her work focused on climate change mitigation and adaptation, water and agricultural policies and on issues related to European environmental and sustainability policy. She works in German and English, has good knowledge of French, and basic knowledge of Polish.

Anna was involved in a number of projects on the impacts on climate change and ways for human societies to respond, in particular with respect to water and coastal zone management. She carried out policy consultancy for the German Environment Ministry, the European Environment Agency and the European Commission (for instance “Time to Adapt”) in this area.

Anna’s further interests involved agriculture and rural development policies and their role under a changing climate. Her work in this area concentrated on the integration of climate change mitigation efforts into the European Common Agricultural Policy (PICCMAT). Another focus of Anna’s work at Ecologic Institute was European environmental and sustainability policy. She was involved in several studies related to the European Sustainable Development Strategy, focusing on sustainable development indicators, the integration of environmental and social objectives in policy-making, and evaluation and impact assessment. In 2008 she co-ordinated a summer school on Impact Assessment Tools and Methods.

Anna completed her education with a Master’s degree in European Studies offered by the three Berlin Universities. In her Master’s thesis she analysed the EU’s role in international climate policy negotiations since 2002 from a political science perspective. She completed an internship at the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, where she analysed options for the design of a future international climate regime.

Anna also holds a diploma in Biology. She studied at Humboldt-University in Berlin, focusing on Ecology, Theoretical Biology and Zoology and spent a year abroad at Edinburgh University, supported by a fellowship from the German Academic Exchange Service. While writing her dissertation, she worked at the Potsdam-Institute for Climate Impact Research, modelling and investigating interactions between atmospheric CO2 concentration and the water balance of the terrestrial biosphere.

Between 2002 and 2004, Anna was research assistant with Ecologic Institute and was involved in projects on European water and waste policy, trade policy and sustainability impact assessments.