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Lisa Meinecke

Lisa Meinecke

MSc (Sustainable Development)
Ass. iur.

Lisa Meinecke is a lawyer and works as Researcher for the Legal Team at Ecologic Institute. Her main areas of expertise are German and European environmental and administrative law as well as sustainable development. She is a German native and speaks English and French fluently. She is proficient in Swedish.

At Ecologic Legal, Lisa Meinecke is involved in the development of regulations with regard to the energy transition, especially those concerning information technology. For instance, she is conducting research in the context of the funding programme "Smart Energy Showcases – Digital Agenda for the Energy Transition" (SINTEG) and prepared the study "Old Energy World - New Energy World", which deals with trends and actors in an increasingly digital energy system. She also works  with climate policy and environmental legal issues at European level, for example in the projects "Future of the EU: What role for climate and energy policy?", "A climate law for Europe" and "EU Directive on Disposable Plastics and Fishing Gear".

Prior to joining Ecologic Institute, Lisa Meinecke worked as a research assistant in an international law firm. Her focus areas included national and European environmental law, in particular in the areas of offshore wind energy and plant approval processes.

Lisa Meinecke studied law in Münster (Germany) and Geneva (Switzerland) with a focus on European and international law. She also completed a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development in Uppsala (Sweden). In her Master's thesis, she addressed the question of how restrictions on personal lifestyles are compatible with the liberal self-perception of Western democracies. She completed her legal clerkship with the Landgericht Potsdam.

Lisa Meinecke is a certified mediator and is active for Zoff Off, an association in Kreuzberg that offers pro bono mediation. In her spare time she likes to give seminars and workshops. Recently she gave a course at the Sustainability Academy of the German Student Academies on the topic "How do we achieve climate justice? - Climate Agreements, Climate Litigation and Degrowth".