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Ariel Araujo

Ariel Araujo

MA (Environmental Policy and Planning)
BSc (Environmental and Resource Management)
International Fellow

Ariel Araujo works at Ecologic Institute as an International Fellow. His work focuses on resource efficiency and the transition towards a circular economy. His native language is Spanish. He speaks fluent German and English and also has basic knowledge of Portuguese.

At Ecologic Institute, Ariel Araujo works mainly in the field of resource (efficiency) policy, particularly on the projects "Trend Analysis Resource Policy" and "Global Material Flows and Demand-supply Forecasting for Mineral Strategies (MinFuture)". The "Trend Analysis Resource Policy" project is a 3.5 year UFOPLAN project and identifies relevant societal trends, which could affect resource use, and analyses policy strategies and instruments that could help with tackling these trends. Both trends and policy instruments will be investigated using social-empirical grounding and stakeholder feedback. Ariel Araujo supports the analysis of policy strategies and instruments. The 2-year Horizon2020 project MinFuture aims to (1) identify, integrate, and develop expertise for global material flow analysis and scenario modelling as well as (2) to strengthen international discourse, exchange and collaboration on using data to analyse global resource stocks and flows. Ariel Araujo supports Ecologic Institute's role as leader of communication, dissemination and stakeholder dialogue.

Before arriving at Ecologic Institute, Ariel Araujo worked as an intern for the IKI-financed project "Initiative Resource Efficiency and Climate Action" at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), which focuses on fostering cooperation with and between emerging economies regarding resource efficiency. Previously, Ariel Araujo worked as a student assistant for the research project "Analysis of the Strategic Environmental Assessment System in Peru" at the Environmental Assessment and Planning Research Group of the Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin).

Ariel Araujo holds a Master's degree in Environmental Policy and Planning from Technische Universität Berlin and Freie Universität Berlin (Germany). He completed his Master's thesis within the multidisciplinary research project "RuralFutures Uruguay". The focus of his work, for which he visited 17 rural schools throughout Uruguay, was on analysing the potential contribution that the implementation of a citizen science project could make towards advancing emancipatory environmental education in these institutions. Ariel Araujo obtained his Bachelor's degree in Environmental and Resource Management from the Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg (Germany), during which he completed an Erasmus exchange year at the University of Granada (Spain).

Ariel Araujo is active at BUND Berlin, the local divisions of Friends of Earth Germany, mainly in the project "Berliner Abfallcheck", where he contributes to the informal environmental education of the general public regarding resource saving and waste management.