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Wesley Ingwersen

Wesley Ingwersen

Transatlantic Fellow

Wes is a Transatlantic Fellow from September through December 2006 working primarily on international trade and environment issues and sustainability impact assessment tools. He has just begun a Ph.D. program under Dr. Mark Brown in the Systems Ecology program through the Department of Environmental Engineering at the University of Florida, where he completed his M.S. in the spring.

Wes‘ interest in the environment-trade nexus stems from his contribution of a book chapter providing an overview of the environment impacts of trade agreements between the U.S. and Latin American partners. His research is compelled by the complexity, hidden environmental costs, and questions of equity associated with inter-hemispheric trade. In his dissertation he hopes to use environmental accounting and other assessment tools to shed light on the sustainability of current trade regimes. His Master’s work involved an evaluation of wetland restoration on land mined for phosphate in central Florida. He has also contributed through the UF Center for Environmental Policy to work using emergy analysis to value biodiversity in the Everglades.

Wesley Ingwersen was born in Atlanta, Georgia and has lived, studied, and worked in Atlanta, Washington, DC and Florida. He received his B.A. in Theology at Georgetown University, and has also worked as a web developer and field ecologist. Wesley came to Berlin with his wife Laura Avila, currently an intern with the Research Group GoBi at the Humboldt University.