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Melf-Hinrich Ehlers


Melf-Hinrich Ehlers

MSc Ecological Economics
BSc Agriculture
Research Assistant

Melf-Hinrich Ehlers was a Research Assistant at Ecologic Institute from September 2006 to February 2008. His work focused on economic implications of European water policies such as the costs and benefits of the EU’s Water Framework Directive in the case of agriculture and disproportionate costs of measures under the Water Framework Directive.

Before going to University, Melf-Hinrich Ehlers worked as a mechanic for agricultural machinery and performed his civil service at a community farm with disabled persons in Israel. He undertook internships at different farms abroad and in Germany, and in the office of a Parliamentary Secretary of State for Consumer Protection, Nutrition and Agriculture.

Melf-Hinrich Ehlers studied agricultural science in Halle (Saale) from 2000 to 2002. He continued at Reading University in the UK, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture in 2004. After completing a Master of Science degree in Ecological Economics at the University of Edinburgh in 2005, he started his PhD work in Resource Economics at Humboldt University, Berlin where he applies institutional economics to the diffusion process of bioenergy in Germany. In the UK his studies focused on the economics of the relationships between agriculture and the environment. His further interests are renewable energies and rural development. He is currently completing his PhD at the Humboldt University.