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Levin Scholl


Levin Scholl

BSc (Governance, Economics, & Development)

International Fellow


Levin Scholl works at the Ecologic Institute as an International Fellow in the area of bioeconomy and water, with an interdisciplinary focus on sustainable supply chain management. Levin Scholl works in German and in English.

Preceding his academic orientation towards empirical social research and environmental economics, Levin Scholl worked in video production and photography and gained experiences in Cologne (Germany) and New York (United States of America). He further worked in Fundraising for Greenpeace Germany e.V.

Next to his  work for Ecologic Institute, Levin Scholl is working towards his master's degree in Environment and Development at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark). His studies are focused on rural development in the global south, tropical land-use, smallholder agriculture, and agricultural and global value chains. His master thesis is concerned with the GIS-based analysis of illegal logging in Cambodia. Levin Scholl obtained an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science from the Leiden University College in The Hague (the Netherlands), with a global perspective on academic fields such as economic development, political economy, and comparative politics.

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