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ir. Colette de Roo


ir. Colette de Roo

MSc (Water management)
BA (Circumpolar Studies)

As a Fellow with Ecologic Institute, Colette de Roo was involved in a variety of research and consulting projects in the area of resource management and governance, with a particular interest for change in relation to resource issues in the Arctic, as well as water resources in general. Colette de Roo contributed to the project Arctic TRANSFORM, where she co-authored a background paper on “Ecosystem Governance in the Marine Arctic”. In addition to this, Colette de Roo represented Ecologic Institute in the European Topic Centre Water , where she advised the European Environment Agency on water quantity and climate adaptation issues in Europe. A native speaker of Dutch and Danish, Colette de Roo is also fluent in German and English and has a good working knowledge of Italian.

Before coming to Ecologic Institute, Colette de Roo worked in different positions in the water sector in the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. Until 2006, she worked for the Berlin-based Engineering Company Prof. Dr. Sieker, where she combined her technical knowledge of urban water systems with her knowledge of river basin management and European water governance.

Colette de Roo began her professional career in the water sector with the international engineering consulting firm Tauw in Amsterdam and Utrecht in 2001. There, in addition to urban water system modelling and design, she conducted research into residents'  perceptions of risk in urban water planning. Colette also co-authored the 2004 Dutch Urban Water Management Guidelines on Cross-Sectoral Co-Operation.

During her studies, she worked as a research assistant at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands in the field of urban water management and for Copenhagen Water on the achievement of the Blue Flag status for Copenhagen's coastal waters.

In the Spring of 2009 Colette obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Circumpolar Studies from the University of Bodø in Norway, a member institution of the University of the Arctic. As part of the curriculum she focused on resource management and governance in a changing Arctic.

Colette de Roo obtained her Master’s in Water Management from Delft University of Technology (NL). During her studies, Colette spent a year in Denmark at Denmark’s Technical University.