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Dr. Miriam Seifert


Dr. Miriam Seifert

Dr. rer. nat.
MSc (Marine Biology)

Guest Researcher


Miriam Seifert works as a Guest Researcher at the Ecologic Institute. Her work focuses on translating scientific findings into governance recommendations, and the development of indicators for successful ecosystem management. She is mainly involved in projects focusing on the Arctic and the North and Baltic Seas. Miriam Seifert is working in German and English.

At the Ecologic Institute, Miriam Seifert contributes to the project MEER:STARK and two Arctic projects. With her perspective as a marine scientist, she contributes to bringing results from natural science such as long-term measurements of biological parameters and the effects of climate change on ecosystems into a broader context. These can then be used for governance recommendations and interactions with stakeholders. Furthermore, Miriam Seifert is also broadening her own professional horizon by learning about various other projects at Ecologic Institute.

In addition to her work as a guest researcher at the Ecologic Institute, Miriam Seifert is a marine biologist at the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven. There, she works as a modeller and transfers biological process understanding from laboratory and field research into an ocean biogeochemistry model to improve projections of future marine biogeochemical cycles and primary production. She also uses an earth system model to investigate the efficiency of carbon removal techniques (EU project OceanNETs). During five ship expeditions to the Arctic, Miriam Seifert gained experience in hands-on polar research.

Miriam Seifert holds a bachelor's degree in Biology, a master’s degree in Marine Biology, and obtained her PhD at the University of Bremen on direct and interactive effects of CO2 on marine primary production.

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