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Dominik Robker

Dominik Robker

Ecological Volunteer (FÖJ)

From September 2010 to August 2011, Dominik Robker worked as an ecological volunteer at the Ecologic Institute. His work consisted of supporting the Service Team by coordinating in-office activities and also supporting researchers and the Events Team. He works in German and English and has basic knowledge of French.

After finishing his Abitur (university qualifying exam) in the summer of 2010, Dominik Robker decided to work as a volunteer for the Ecologic Institute in order to expand his knowledge of environmental and political issues. Dominik Robker used his voluntary work to get an insight into the different areas of work at the Ecologic Institute and as preparation for his studies. He has been studying law at Heidelberg University (Germany) since 2011.

During his free time, Dominik Robker is active in the fields of environment and politics. In September 2009 in Heidelberg, he founded a local youth chapter of the Green Party of Germany, for which he served as treasurer. In addition, he was and remains involved in the organisation of environmental protection activities.