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Haran Bar-On

Haran Bar-On

MA (Environment and Resources Management)
BA (Geography and International Relations)
Transatlantic Fellow

Haran Bar-On was a Transatlantic Fellow at Ecologic Institute. He was particularly interested in management of behavioral transitions towards sustainable behavior. Haran Bar-On is a native speaker of Hebrew, is fluent in English, has basic knowledge of Spanish and Arabic and is currently learning German.

Haran Bar-On was involved in an EU project on encouraging sustainable behavior ("InContext"), with a special focus on the individual factors motivating behavior. He was also working on an EU-Aid project, which conducts an analysis of Social and Economic Benefits of Enhanced Environmental Protection in the European Neighborhood and Partnership (ENP) Countries.

Before joining Ecologic Institute, Haran Bar-On received his Master\\'s degree in Environment and Resources Management at the Vrije Universteit (VU) of Amsterdam (the Netherlands). During his studies, he initiated a joint research project with the Institute for Environmental Studies and the Communication Science department at the VU that was developed into a thesis [pdf, 550 KB, English] on designing interventions to foster climate-friendly household behavior. He has a Bachelor\\'s degree in geography and international relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he specialised in establishing international cooperation in natural resource management.

Haran Bar-On also has diverse work experience in education. Besides working as a part-time music teacher, he worked for several years as an instructor and coordinator for the non-profit organisation Etgarim, which provides education and rehabilitation programmes for \\'special-needs\\' populations.