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Golo Bartsch

Golo Bartsch

MA (Governance)

Golo Bartsch was an Associate at Ecologic Institute, where he researched the security policy dimensions of not only climate change but also energy and environmental policy. He works in German and English and has basic knowledge of Spanish and Swedish.

He was mainly interested in analyzing the influence of energy and environmental matters on foreign and security policies in the Western Hemisphere. In addition, he focused on aspects of governance and democracy, especially concerning policy consulting issues, think tanks, and the introduction of civil interests into the political process.

Before joining Ecologic Institute, he was an officer with the German Federal Armed Forces, where he worked as a foreign and security policy analyst for the Federal Ministry of Defence (BMVg).

Golo Bartsch studied political and social science at the Universität der Bundeswehr in Munich (Germany) and governance (MA) at the FernUniversität in Hagen (Germany). In his master's thesis [pdf, 1MB, German], he developed governance scenarios for an ice-free Arctic and assessed the security risks emerging from climate change in the High North. He is currently working on his doctoral thesis at the Bielefeld University (Germany).