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Dr. des. Hannah Strauß


Dr. des. Hannah Strauß

MSc (Science, Technology Policy and Management)
Visiting Scholar

Hannah Strauß worked at Ecologic Institute as a visiting scholar between April and July 2011, where she contributed to the Arctic programme. Hannah Strauß is a German native speaker, is fluent in English and also has working knowledge of Finnish and French.

In her research, Hannah Strauß pursues sociological and anthropological approaches to large scale resource exploitation and energy production with a regional focus on the circumpolar North. Continuing the thematic thread of her PhD thesis "For the Good of Society: Public participation in the siting of nuclear and hydro power projects in Finland" she continued preparing a project on indigenous involvement in large scale energy resource development in the Arctic while visiting Ecologic Institute. Funded by the Academy of Finland under the Finnish Distinguished Professor Programme, Hannah Strauß worked at the Thule Institute in Oulu (Northern Finland).

Hannah Strauß spent the academic year 2009/2010 as a visiting student at the Canadian Circumpolar Institute in Edmonton, Alberta. She obtained an MA in Sociology and Social Psychology (Bielefeld University, Germany) and an MSc in Science and Technology Policy and Management (University of Manchester, United Kingdom).