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Valérie Gehlé

Valérie Gehlé

BSc (Life Science)

Valérie Gehlé worked from June to August 2011 as an intern at the Ecologic Institute. Her research interests are agriculture, biodiversity and sustainability, as well as adaptation to climate change at the international, national and local levels. A native French speaker, she works in English and has a good knowledge of German.

During her time at the Ecologic Institute, Valérie Gehlé worked primarily in the areas of agriculture and biodiversity. She supported the project Land and Ecosystem Degradation and Desertification: Assessing the Fit of Responses (LEDDRA), as well as other projects on climate change and agriculture.

Prior to her internship at the Ecologic Institute, Valérie Gehlé carried out a social analysis on farming as an intern at the Centre for the Study of Agriculture, Food and Environment (CSAFE) , Research Center of the University of Otago (New Zealand). Her other project experiences include an internship at ACTeon environment (France) related to the Water Framework Directive (WFD).

Valérie Gehlé is currently a student at the French National Agronomic Engineering Post Graduate School in Toulouse (France), where she is working towards a Master of Science in Agronomy. Prior to this, she studied life sciences at the Lycée Jean Rostand (France).