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Isabelle Turcotte

Isabelle Turcotte

JEMES (Joint European Masters in Environmental Sciences)
MSc (Environmental Sciences)
Honors BA (Bioresource Engineering)
Transatlantic Fellow

Isabelle Turcotte joined Ecologic Institute as a Transatlantic Fellow from June 2011 to October 2012. During her one year with Ecologic Institute, she was involved in projects that pertain to the management of water. She was interested in the integration of environmental and sustainable development concerns into decision making and is particularly sensitive to the double challenge of combining these issues with poverty eradication efforts in developing countries. Isabelle Turcotte is a native French speaker, she is fluent in English and proficient in Spanish, and she is determined to enhance her German skills during her stay in Berlin.

Her project-related work included the following topics: Addressing knowledge gaps and reducing the presence and impact of pharmaceuticals in the environment (PHARMAS).

Before joining Ecologic Institute, Isabelle Turcotte worked in the corporate and the development world. Her experiences introduced her to the challenges of managing resources in the face of conflicting interests and perspectives. For three months in 2009, she joined la Cooperativa de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado Quintanilla in Bolivia, an NGO which aims to independently administer water through a community-developed system. In 2009-10, she worked for an engineering company in Germany, Voith, where her focus was on water treatment and associated environmental policies pertaining to the North American paper making industry. In her latest work experience (2010-11) in Canada with a small consulting firm, Globerpro, she worked on engaging the business sector in the battle to halt the loss of biodiversity.

Isabelle Turcotte holds an Honors BA in Bioresource Engineering from McGill University (Canada). She graduated from the Joint European Masters in Environmental Sciences (JEMES) for which she was awarded an ERASMUS MUNDUS scholarship from the European Union (EU).