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Wenke Schönfelder

Wenke Schönfelder

Diplom-Ingenieurin (Environmental Technology)
Senior Policy Advisor

Wenke Schönfelder, nee Hansen, is  working at the Hamburg Public Sewage Company (HSE), Department Technology Development. She was also Senior Policy Advisor for Ecologic Institute.

During her work at Ecologic Institute from 1997 to 2004, Wenke Schönfelder worked on various European research and policy consulting projects concerned with water management and policy as well as waste policy. Her areas of expertise included the analysis of different institutional systems in Europe and the assessment and evaluation of instruments for environmental policy, as well as the support and follow-up of European and national policy and implementation processes. A native speaker of German, she is fluent in English and Spanish.

During her work at Ecologic Institute, Wenke Schönfelder advised Member States and Accession Countries concerning the implementation of European waste and industrial policy and worked on developing a future strategy for municipal waste management in Germany. She also managed various projects on the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in the EU Member States and Accession Countries. Among her key fields of expertise in this regard were the analysis of mid- and long-term perspectives and the policy development of water services in Europe.


Wenke Schönfelder studied process and environmental engineering at the Technical University Berlin and attained the environmental engineering degree Diplom-Ingenieurin (Technischer Umweltschutz). She specialised in water pollution control and waste management. In addition to a year working in Madrid, Spain, she spent the academic year of 1995/96 as a research assistant at the School of Geography, Oxford University, United Kingdom.