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Axel Conrads


Axel Conrads

Attorney, MSc (Public Policy)

Axel Conrads has worked for the German Federal Environmental Agency in their Emissions Trading Departmentince May 2004. Here, he is responsible for the design of administrative procedures and quality assurance. Axel Conrads was a Fellow at Ecologic Institute. His scientific interests were focused on the institutional questions of environmental policies: the scope  and design of legal and economic policy instruments, the structure of government and administrational bodies, and mechanisms of environmental policy integration and sustainable development.

Mr. Conrads has been working for the Federal Ministry of the Environment on the design and implementation of a national emissions trading system. He has been part of the team of lawyers at Ecologic that advised the Federal Ministry of the Environment on legal matters relating to the negotiations of the European Emissions Trading Directive. Mr. Conrads has also been working on a case study on the restructuring of the German Federal Health Agency with a view to the implementation of the precautionary principle. A major study on a future cooperation between the EU and the UN Mediterranean Action Plan has just been finalized.

Mr. Conrads studied law in Bonn and Lausanne and took a Masters in Public Policy at University College London. During the two years of his legal training he has been working for the home office of the Land Berlin in a working group for administrative reforms, and with the German Agency for Technical Cooperation on the restructuring of South African legal and administrative institutions in Pretoria.