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PhD Pierre Strosser

PhD Pierre Strosser

Senior Associate

Pierre Strosser, an environmental economist and water policy specialist, was a Senior Associate with Ecologic Institute.  He was working on research and policy projects dealing with integrated river basin management and with the role of economics for supporting policy decisions in the water sector.  Key in his experience and activities was his involvement in both developing country and European issues and projects.  In addition to his technical expertise, Pierre Strosser has developed specific skills for animating inter-disciplinary, multi-stakeholders and multi-cultural groups and processes in the field of environmental policy.

Before becoming a consultant, Pierre Strosser worked for three and half years at DG Environment, European Commission.  Within its Sustainable Development unit, Pierre was in charge of the economic issues and projects dealing with water policy, waste policy and the relationship between agriculture and the environment.  In particular, he has developed an unique expertise and network in European water policy and implementation of the Water Framework Directive.  For example, he was co-animator of the European working group (WATECO) that recently developed a guidance document for supporting the implementation of the economic elements of the Water Framework Directive.  Between 1990 and 1998, Pierre Strosser worked on research projects dealing with the economics of irrigation, integrated assessment of irrigation systems, irrigation sector policy, and geographic information systems and remote sensing, based for more than 6 years at the Pakistan Programme of the International Water Management Institute and for one year at the Irrigation Division of Cemagref in France.  Pierre has also worked for the French Ministry of Agriculture in the East of France, undertaking environmental impact assessment of infrastructure projects and developing dynamics between actors for tackling stormwater and erosion problems.

Pierre Strosser has degrees in agricultural engineering from the Institut National Agronomique in Paris (INA-PG) and in environmental engineering from the Ecole Nationale du Génie Rural, des Eaux et Forêts (ENGREF). He also studied agricultural economics (M.Sc.) at Wye College, University of London.  And he has developed links with the Netherlands where, among other things, he defended a Ph.D. in Water Resources at the Wageningen Agricultural University.