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Christian Haase


Christian Haase

Freelance IT-Consultant

Christian Haase was Ecologic's webmaster and IT-Consultant. He worked primarily with the conceptualisation and architecture of websites especially for small and medium sized businesses and organisations. In his capacity as web designer, Mr. Haase has a working knowledge of various programming languages and technologies, including HTML, PHP, Perl, MySQL and Javascript.

Before embarking on his freelance career, Mr. Haase gained sales and marketing experience through his various activities in businesses and institutes. In addition, he obtained significant international experience working in Gothenborg, Sweden for several years.

After receiving his vocational training in the field of Bio-technology, Mr. Haase studied Computer Science and Psychology at the Free University in Berlin, with a specialisation in the fields of Occupational Psychology and Data-organisation and research.

Mr. Haase is a native German speaker and has a working knowledge of English and Swedish.