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Dr. Sebastian Mielke

Dr. Sebastian Mielke

Legal Trainee

Dr. Sebastian Mielke was a Legal Trainee at Ecologic Institute in Washington DC. His primary interests lie in constitutional law, German and European environmental law, and the law of public economic regulation. He works in German and English.

Sebastian was assisting Michael Mehling with the Climate Strategies – Carbon Trading Across Jurisdictions project. He examined national climate policies, their legal framework, and the societal and economic factors that influence their development.

From 2009 to 2011, Sebastian worked as a research fellow for Prof. Dr. Ivo Appel in Augsburg (Germany), focusing on the law of regulating risks to public and environmental safety, the law of genetic engineering, and constitutional law.

In 2011, Sebastian published his dissertation, entitled The Risks of Precaution – A Study Using the Example of Nanotechnology. He studied at the University of Augsburg and George Washington University in Washington DC (USA).