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Low-Carbon-Development: Study Tour for Policy Makers from China (中德气候伙伴关系项目: 低碳发展主题考察)

Low-Carbon-Development: Study Tour for Policy Makers from China (中德气候伙伴关系项目: 低碳发展主题考察)

12 December 2012 to 18 December 2012

The study tour, which took place as part of the Sino-German Climate Partnership, provided the participants with information on the important aspects of German environmental policy regarding low-carbon development through presentations, speeches, and discussions. The tour was organized and designed by Ecologic Institute on behalf of the GIZ.

The program was complemented by excursions and visits to institutions relevant for environmental policy in Berlin.

Various event formats (discussion events, individual presentations, excursions, and cultural programs) with representatives from ministries, parliament, industry, think tanks, and NGOs in Berlin (and the surrounding area) ensured comprehensive understanding of the topic.

At Ecologic Institute, presentations of the basic theory of the following topics were held:

Additionally, the following agenda points were ticked off in Berlin:

  • German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU): presentations on the political framework for promoting low-carbon development in Germany and on the energy transition as well as an introduction to the GreenTech Environmental Technology Atlas 3.0
  • Presentations and a tour at Younicos AG
  • Visit to the KfW Banking Group, including presentations on KfW support programs for energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Tour at Potsdamer Platz about energy efficiency and technology
  • Excursion to the energy-independent city of Feldheim, including presentations and a tour

An Ecologic Dinner Dialogue on “Renewable Energy in China” provided the group members with the opportunity to converse with other experts from Berlin as well as discuss their own perspectives.