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Sabine Lund

Sabine Lund

BA (Economics)
Research Assistant

Sabine Lund worked as a Research Assistant at Ecologic Institute. Her research focused on the economic aspects of European Union (EU) environmental policy as well as on sustainable development, in particular environment and resource economics. She was also interested in behavioral economics, analyzing questions related to decision-making processes and consumer behavior. Sabine Lund works in German and English and has a basic knowledge of French.

At Ecologic Institute Sabine Lund worked on the project Economic Implications of Regulation in the Carbon Market, analyzing the trading strategies and market access channels of plant operators covered by the EU ETS. As part of the project, a representative survey offered detailed insight into the actual tradind behavior of the plant operators, which now forms the basis for an evaluation of the different access channels as perceived by the operators.

Previously, she supported the project Green Finance - Strategies and Instruments for the Financing of Ecological Modernization, investigating innovative financing concepts and instruments found in other countries and examining how they may be transferable to the German context. She furthermore worked on the project Sharing Water-related Information to Tackle Changes in the Hydrosphere - for Operational Needs (SWITCH-ON), which analyzes the currently untapped potential of open environmental data to address water issues.

Before that Sabine was involved in two projects: The development of the German National Climate Initiative (NKI) and the Implementation of auctions in the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS).

Sabine Lund completed a Bachelor's in Economics with a focus on European Economy and is currently working on her Master's degree in Political Economy of European Integration at the Berlin School of Economics and Law in Berlin. Sabine gained experience abroad during a one-semester exchange program in Iceland.