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Mira Wenzel

Mira Wenzel

MSc (Integrated Natural Resource Management)
BA (Political Science)
Research Assistant

Mira Wenzel worked until January 2016 as a Research Assistant for Ecologic Institute. Her research interests include resource policy, renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable transportation. She is a native German speaker and is fluent in English, has a strong grasp of French and a basic knowledge of Spanish.

Mira Wenzel contributed to the project Sharing Water-related Information to Tackle CHanges in the Hydrosphere - for Operational Needs (SWITCH-ON) by supporting the analysis of legislative, technical and market-based barriers to a greater exploitation of open source environmental data to address water issues. In addition, she supported the project Assessment of national climate change policies in the context of the European Semester by updating country specific energy- and climate indicators. Furthermore, she was involved in preparing the report "Local and Regional State of Play and Policy Recommendations Concerning Sustainable Heating and Cooling: Focusing on EU Level Policy" for the Committee of the Regions (CoR) as well as the report "Cost and Financing Aspects of Community Renewable Energy Projects. Volume II: Danish Case Study" for IEA-RETD.

In the project Strategic Development of the National Climate Initiative (NKI), Mira Wenzel supported the monitoring of community carbon neutrality plans. Furthermore, she was involved in the project Transition towards Low-Carbon Energy Security (MILESECURE 2050), which explores and evaluates the multidimensional process leading to European low-carbon energy security. Here, she was involved in preparing the "Report on Main Trends in European Energy Policies." In addition, she worked on several case studies at the local level of different EU countries and conducted expert interviews. Mira Wenzel contributed to the Research Network in Climate, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials (RECREATE) by conducting expert interviews. She also worked for the project Post-Carbon Cities in Europe: A Long-Term Outlook (POCACITO), which researches urban sustainablity transitions in a global context and aims to define pathways towards livable and prosperous cities in the 21st century.

Before starting at Ecologic Institute, Mira Wenzel worked as a News Assistant at Deutsche Welle (DW-TV). She completed an internship at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in the sector project "advisory service on energy policy." Mira Wenzel was also an intern in the German Bundestag, focusing on energy development issues.

In January 2016, Mira Wenzel completed her Master's degree in Integrated Natural Resource Management at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU Berlin, Germany), with a focus on resource efficiency and sustainable development. She wrote her master's thesis in the field of energy efficiency accompanied by the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy. Prior to that, she studied political science at the Otto-Suhr-Institut (OSI) of the Freie Universität Berlin (FU Berlin, Germany), with a focus on energy policy. She wrote her Bachelor's thesis in cooperation with the Independent Institute for Environmental Issues (UfU) and addressed local acceptance of wind power plants in Brandenburg. Mira Wenzel also took part in the Erasmus exchange program, spending one semester at the University of Geneva (Switzerland), where she studied comparative politics and European studies.