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About Ecologic Events

About Ecologic Events

Environmental, scientific and political events are unique opportunities to share knowledge, promote dialogue and contribute to capacity building for experts and stakeholders across the world.

Ecologic Institute combines research competencies and event management for the design and implementation of events: While the Institute’s scientific experts investigate and discuss environmental topics in the light of the current political and scientific context, a team of event and communication experts closely works with researchers, sponsors and partners to co-design and organise events around specific audiences and objectives.

Interactivity, participation, innovation, and sustainability are at the core of the Institute’s events.

Formats include large-scale conferences, workshops with smaller expert discussions, visitor programs and study tours, summer schools, roundtables, social programs and event series. The team’s “toolbox” includes several methods, like World Cafés, Fishbowl conversations, PechaKucha presentations, and more.

Design and planning process

Designing and implementing goal-oriented processes is at the core of Ecologic Institute’s event work. Events are implemented in various sizes and languages, with various target groups in mind and different clients to work with.

The identification of goals, target groups, relevant context and specific content of an event is the first step towards the development of an event agenda. Having these steps in mind, the process type, formats and methods that seems most suitable to achieve the event goals, are chosen.

The most suitable methods – with different levels of interaction, according to needs - are identified and applied in order to achieve the event objectives and boost audience engagement. Technical solutions like Sli.do are sometimes employed to allow maximum levels of participation, where time or conference setups are limiting factors.


The Institute’s scientific experts include a number of experienced facilitators who are not only familiar with various topics, but are also able to navigate goal-oriented processes and guide the audience though a constructive and open dialogue. Alternatively, a network of experienced external facilitators can also be hired for moderation purposes.

When thinking of facilitation, important steps are kept in mind, such as setting a positive tone and creating an inspiring buzz right from the start of each event, allowing for exchange and discussions between participants, and gather results and outputs in an organised a fruitful format at the end of the event.

Event formats

According to the specific objectives and audience of each event, different formats can be selected to engage with participants, including large-scale conferences, early-input or feedback-oriented workshops, visitor programmes & study tours, summer schools, roundtables, debates and interviews, networking and social programmes, as well as thematic event series

Event implementation: a life cycle

The Events Team of Ecologic Institute is responsible for the organisation of each event from the concept development to the follow up.

The work of the Events Team and the Institute’s scientific staff includes

  • the development of the event programme and background material
  • the identification of and communication with chairs, speakers, participants, facilitators, as well as the coordination of presentations, appointments, networking activities, side events and field trips in conjunction with an event
  • the organisation of all logistical aspects, such as venue, catering, technical equipment,  translation and interpretation services, as well as the design and  production of promotional and branding material
  • the implementation of event related communication, dissemination and public relations activities, including the promotion of the event via online channels (Website, social media, etc.)
  • Monitoring, follow up and evaluation of the event

Green Events – Sustainability

Ecologic Institute stands for environmental protection and sustainability. We implement this in our events and organize them as green as possible! Further information on the organisation of our green events can be found here.