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The Legal Framework - Instruments for the Efficient Use of Biomethan

17 May 2011

As part of the workshop "Biogas Feed-In", organized by Fraunhofer UMSICHT, Ecologic Institute's Wolfgang Urban gave a speech about "The Legal Framework - Instruments for the Efficient Use of Biomethan". The presentation dealt with political aims regarding renewable energies, results of the monitoring of the Renewable Energies Act and marketing prospects of biomethan. The presentation slides are available for download.Read more

Europäische und nationale Nachhaltigkeitsanforderungen bei der energetischen Nutzung von Biomasse

With the plenary speech of the 3rd bioenergy forum Dr. Bernhard Dreher from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment and Jessica Löhndorf, Fellow at Ecologic Institute introduce the European sustainability requirements for biofuels and vegetable oils, which were transposed into German legislation in 2009. Germany was the first member state to implement the sustainability certification in Europe. The authors explain their practical implementation in Germany.Read more

Prospects for Sustainable Bioenergy Production in Selected Former Communist Countries

A new publication in the journal "Ecological Indicators" by Tanja Srebotnjak, from Ecologic Institute, and Peter Hardi, from the Central European University in Hungary, examines the potentials for sustainable bioenergy production in Bulgaria, Romania and the former Soviet republics in Central Asia. The study draws on official statistics and modeling results and concludes that bioenergy potentials are highest in Bulgaria, Romania, and Kazakhstan but depend on several factors including crop choice, climatic conditions, availability of suitable land, and the institutional and legal infrastructure.Read more

The European Renewable Energy Yearbook

Review of a Yearbook on the Current State and Developments of European Politics in the Field of Renewable Energies.
In the first issue of the Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review for 2010, Dominik Müller, fellow at Ecologic Institute and member of Ecologic Legal, reviews "The Renewable Energy Yearbook", edited by Christopher Jones. This yearbook deals with the current state and developments of European politics in the field of renewable energies.Read more

Scientific Support of the BMU in the Field of Renewable Energies (BMU-RE)

August 2010 to July 2012
Ecologic Institute supports the German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) in the implementation of both the targets defined in the coalition agreement for the 17th federal election period and the targets under European law for the promotion of renewable energies in the electricity and heat sector. Ecologic Institute provides both legal and technical support with regard to upcoming comprehensive amendments of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and related statutory instruments, with respect to the production, processing and feed-in of biogas / biomethane, regarding the development and implementation of sustainability schemes for energetically used biomass, and with regard to the evaluation and further advancement of the Renewable Energies Heat Act.Read more

Certification of Biofuels

11 December 2009

The international debate on biofuels is mostly dominated by environmental and economic aspects while the question of how biofuels can be produced in a socially acceptable way is not systematically tackled. The project "Biofuel as Social Fuel" examines for two regions in Germany and Brazil the social dimension of biofuel production. Timo Kaphengst gave a lecture at the project`s kick-off event stressing the role of certification systems in biofuel governance.Read more

Die Biomassestrom-Nachhaltigkeitsverordnung (BioSt-NachV)

Eine kurze Einführung für AnlagenbetreiberInnen
Sustainability of biofuel policies is a largely debated issue, particularly with regards to environmental impacts. To address these issues, European and national legislative initiatives have been designed that aim to ensure the sustainability of biofuels. Germany has been among the top runners in trying to implement sustainability criteria for biofuels. In August 2009 the German government set up the Biomass-electricity-sustainability ordinance ("Biomassestrom-Nachhaltigkeitsverordnung", abbreviated "BioSt-NachV"). The background paper written by the Ecologic Institute in October 2009 provides an overview for plant operators who will need to proof their compliance with the new ordinance.Read more

Biomass Certification Schemes from both Sides of the Atlantic

22 January 2010
Washington DC
United States

Ecologic Institute organized a symposium on biomass certification scheme in Washington DC on 22 January 2010. The event addressed the role of certification systems in developing a new green economy with the goal of facilitating the exchange of ideas and lessons based on US and German experiences, and advancing the discussion about establishing international standards for biomass-based energy.

The discussion took...Read more

International Prospects of Using Biofuels

December 2008 to June 2010
Biomass use and the production of biofuels face several international challenges. The main tasks of the project are to describe and compare national and international support programmes and framework conditions for the production of biofuels as well as to accompany discussions on EU Directives in the field of bioenergies and the sustainability of biofuels.Read more


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