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Choose the Cause

Choose the Cause

You can choose the cause you wish to support with your donation to the Ecologic Institute. We have created separate funds, each of them 'earmarked' and kept separate from the others, and other projects of the Ecologic Institute:

  • Publications, to support the cost of publishing the results in books, briefs or by other means;
  • International Exchange, to support mobility and learning for young researchers (Fellowships and Scholarships) and students (Internships). All donations received for this purpose are transferred to our Konrad von Moltke Fund;
  • Conservation and Biological Diversity, to promote the 'green agenda' where government support is insufficient;
  • Global Environmental Policy, to support multilateral policy and institutions, for instance on climate, chemicals, or the marine environment and fisheries;
  • Europe's Environment, to support the integration of environmental concerns into other policies;
  • Globalization and International Trade, to supportwork on trade and development, and international economicpolicies;
  • Ecologic Legal, to support the further development of environmental law, including international law;
  • Independent Research, to support Ecologic's research in accordance with our non-profit statutes.

Please contact us if you wish to support a particular cause or project that is not on the list above.

Donations to the Ecologic Institute are not used for contract work for any client, but may be used to co-finance projects supported by grants from foundations, businesses or governments.

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