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Integrated Water Resource Management and Climate Change Adaptation

October 2014 to October 2016

Countries such as Bangladesh face fundamental threats on their water resources from climate change. Significant demand exists for knowledge how to enhance institutional capacity and effectiveness of water management policies. This project objective is to investigate how Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) in different national contexts can enhance the capacity of different societies to adapt to climate change impacts. This project establishes therefore an international network of IWRM and adaptation experts and coordinates research events in six countries. In addition, it aims toRead more

Locking in or Helping Shift? Trends and Developments Affecting Sustainable Resource Use and Degrowth

A new economic paradigm and its multiple facets for future development were intensively discussed at the international "Degrowth Conference" in Leipzig from 2. until 6. September 2014. The Ecologic Institute contributed through presentations, workshops and moderations. Dr. Martin Hirschnitz-Garbers and Susanne Langsdorf presented results obtained in a "Horizon Scanning"-exercise done as part of the SimRess-project. The presentation slides are available for download.Read more

Quality of Life, Wellbeing and Biodiversity

The Role of Biodiversity in Future Development
The relationship between biodiversity and human wellbeing is multifaceted and assumes diverse forms across and within populations. In developing countries, for example, biodiversity and natural resources often constitute the basis of people’s livelihoods and thus their material wellbeing. Many individuals also feel a cultural, spiritual, or religious relationship with nature and assign it an inherent value. This study explores these diverse perceptions of biodiversity and its value. The findings serve to advance discussions on how development cooperation can more effectively integrate these views and therewith improve biodiversity and nature conservation. The study is available for download.Read more

Think-piece to Support the European Sustainable Development Network (ESDN)

October 2014 to November 2014

Within this project Ecologic Institute wrote a think piece, that draws together evidence on the state of the economy, society and the environment to show that the EU's multiple challenges may be tackled simultaneously by the use of policy changes to change the direction of market demand.Read more

Land Grabbing

Der globale Wettlauf um Agrarland
The foreign companies come in numbers. They dispel the people from the rural areas which were used by them for centuries. They don't confer with the indigenous people. The deals are made in hidden chambers. The only things that the locals see are other people with big tractors invading their areas. The sample is available for download.

Read more

Diverging Concepts of Nature and Human Well-being - From Theory to Action

2 September 2014 to 6 September 2014

A new economic paradigm and its multiple facets for future development were intensively discussed at the international "Degrowth Conference" in Leipzig from 2 to 6 September 2014. Also the Ecologic Institute contributed through presentations, workshops and moderations. Christiane Gerstetter and Timo Kaphengst held a workshop on "Biodiversity and well-being in development cooperation". The handout is available for download.

The concept of the workshop strongly built on the current project "The role of biodiversity inRead more

Training for Lebanese Climate Negotiators 2014

24 September 2014 to 25 September 2014
In September 2014, Dr. Camilla Bausch and Lena Donat conducted a 2-days training to enhance the negotiation skills of Lebanese negotiators at the international negotiations on climate change. The final workshop report is available for download.Read more


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