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Ecologic Institute: Science and Policy for a Sustainable World

In our brochure "Ecologic Institute: Science and Policy for a Sustainable World", we introduce Ecologic Institute as a transdisciplinary research organization. Readers gain an overview of our capabilities in research, policy analysis, education, communication and stakeholder events. Suitable for clients, partners, funders and the interested public, the brochure describes the many ways that Ecologic Institute brings new insights into environmental policy. Read more

Ecologic Institute: Science and Policy for a Sustainable World

In our brochure "Ecologic Institute: Science and Policy for a Sustainable World" (German: "Wissenschaft und Forschung für eine nachhaltige Welt“), we introduce Ecologic Institute as a transdisciplinary research organization. We focus on environmental research and address relevant sociopolitical questions of sustainability research. We bring new insights into environmental policy. Discover our research projects, academic collaborations, and teaching activities. Our new brochure is available for download. Read more

5 Years Ecologic Institute US

5 years ago, on Earth Day 2008, we founded the Ecologic Institute in Washington, DC. A recognized public charity under U.S. law, Ecologic Institute has since expanded its presence with a second office in San Mateo, California, and actively engages partners and stakeholders in government, academia, and civil society throughout North America. In our brochure we introduce our team and our programs in the US, give some insights into our project work on both sides of the Atlantic, and introduce our partners, donors, and networks. In conclusion, we demonstrate how our project value has increased in the recent years. The Ecologic Brief 5 Years Ecologic Institute US [pdf, 4,8 MB, English] is available for download.Read more

Integrating Resource Efficiency, Greening of Industrial Production and Green Industries

Scoping of and Recommendations for Effective Indicators
Fostering sustainable industries and industrial development requires the use of effective indicators. Though a multitude of indicators exist, their applicability to sustainable industries remains largely unaddressed to date. In the RISI project, Ecologic Institute reviewed the available scientific knowledge in order to evaluate existing indicators and propose recommendations concerning their usability and the potential need for further indicator development. Read more

The Social Dimension of EU Biofuel Policy

In the early 2000s, biofuels were seen as a panacea for several environmental and economic challenges. In more recent years, however, their promotion has faded substantially. With the ongoing expansion of biofuel production worldwide, serious doubts have been raised about their sustainability and potential to reach environmental targets. This Ecologic Brief provides an assessment of the extent to which social aspects of biofuel production are addressed in current EU policies. It also explores possible ways of enhancing, reshaping, or extending existing policies in order to ensure the sustainable production of biofuels. The Ecologic Brief is available for download.Read more

Ecologic Institute Project Handbook 2011

Two thousand and eleven has proven to be yet another exciting and intellectually enriching year for our institute. In our sixteenth year of researching and shaping European environmental policy, we not only continued to provide high quality and innovative expertise to the European community, but we also grew consistently – both in our diversified staff and our competencies. Our Project Handbook 2011 is available for download.Read more

Ecologic Institute 2010 Milestone: 15 Years

This year Ecologic Institute turns 15. Since its founding, Ecologic Institute has built a reputation for excellence in transdisciplinary and policy-relevant research. As an environmental think tank, Ecologic Institute uses its extensive project experience and network of partners on both sides of the Atlantic to address a broad range of environmental challenges.Read more

Ecologic Institute 2009 Berlin - Brussels - Vienna - Washington DC

This brochure provides a general survey and overview of the range of topics addressed by the Ecologic Institute. It includes examples of relevant events and projects, and key financial information. The brochure captures essence of the Ecologic Institute at a crucial time in our development. The past years have brought consistent growth, increasing diversification, strong management, and the establishment of a number of offices and subsidiaries. Read more

Public Procurement and Forest Certification - Assessment of the Implications for Policy, Law and International Trade

Comparing Major Certification Schemes: FSC, PEFC, CSA, MTCC and SFI
The use of public procurement policy to achieve sustainable development objectives has increased steadily over the past decade. Amongst the various "green procurement" initiatives, forestry is a sector which received much attention. However, unlike areas such as product safety or energy efficiency, the use of public procurement to enhance sustainable forest management (SFM) is extremely complex – largely because the elements of SFM are broad ranging, variable, and to some extent controversial. Read more


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