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European Neighbourhood Policy

Challenges for the Environment and Energy Policy
With the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), the European Union aims to redefine the relationships between itself and the new neighbours it acquired in the EU Enlargement of 2004. Economic integration remains at the heart of the ENP, but increased co-operation in the areas of environmental and energy policy is addressed as well. This Ecologic Newsletter by Sascha Müller-Kraenner examines this important issue and also surveys questions that the EU and its new neighbours will need to address together. Read more

Applying EU Environmental Legislation

Learning from the European Court Cases and the Example of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos
What are the impacts of European infringement procedures regarding the non-compliance with nature conservation legislation on certain areas? And, to what extent can protected areas contribute to fulfill the requirements of the nature conservation legislation by means of sustainable management with appropriate financing?Read more

The Division of Competencies

Reform Suggestions and Implications for the Environment
The Laeken Declaration, convening the Convention on the Future of Europe, submitted a broad mandate to it, requesting it to reorganise the distribution of tasks between the EU and the Member States. However, the Convention did not consider reallocation of competencies, but rather concentrated on the task of ensuring transparency for the delimitation of competencies. Ecologic published a Brief that presents the system underlying the constitutional division of competencies, points out consequences of the system, and assesses them from an environmental point of view.Read more

Democracy, Efficiency, Transparency

The European Convention's Proposals for Institutional Reform from an Environmental Perspective
The Laeken Declaration, which constitutes the mandate for the European Convention, calls for institutional reforms to improve the EU’s efficiency, democratic accountability and transparency. Although the Convention adopted the draft Constitutional Treaty in June/July 2003, its environmental implications remain highly uncertain. Ecologic published a Brief that analyses the draft Constitutional Treaty. Furthermore, it considers the potential environmental merits and shortcomings of the broader reform options which have provided the backdrop for the Convention’s discussions: What are the basic options for improving the EU’s efficiency, democratic accountability and transparency? How do they fare from the point of view of the environment? Read more

The Architecture of the Global System of Governance

The Nexus between Trade and Sustainable Development
The results of the workshop entitled "The Architecture of the Global System of Governance of Trade and Sustainable Development" that took place on 9 and 10 December 2002 in Berlin have been published in an Ecologic Brief. Based on the background paper of the workshop and the debates which took place during the discussions, this brochure seeks to give an overview of the complex issue of the global governance of trade and sustainable development and to convey to a wider audience the main questions facing the research community.Read more

Participation of NGOs in International Environmental Governance

Legal Basis and Practical Experience
The main conclusions and results of a study exploring functions, rules and practices of NGO participation in international environmental co-operation are presented in an Ecologic Brief. This Ecologic Brief identifies a number of options for a strengthened participation of NGOs in international environmental governance and is intended to contribute to the related international discussions.Read more

The European Constitution

An Evaluation from an Environmental Perspective
This Ecologic Brief is a part of the project EcoFuturum "Europe's Democratic Challenge: Actively Shaping European Environmental Policy". It is part of a series of contributions to the European consitutional debates, and Ecologic thus continues its tradition of work on "Greening the Treaties".Read more

Joining Forces in the Mediterranean

Options for a Co-operation between MAP and EUROMED
Options for a co-operation between UNEP/Mediterranean Action Plan and the EU initiative EUROMED are now presented in an Ecologic Brief. The Brief points out ways for an improved environmental integration and the sustainable development of the Mediterranean region.Read more

International Environmental Policymaking and Transatlantic Co-operation

Setting the Agenda for the World Summit on Sustainable Development
Buck, Matthias; Kelly Kollman and Alexander Carius 2001: International Environmental Policymaking and Transatlantic Co-operation. Setting the Agenda for the World Summit on Sustainable Development. [Ecologic Briefs on International Relations and Sustainable Development]. Berlin: ecoscript.Read more


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