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Ecologic Events Series

Ecologic Events Series

Approaches for overcoming challenges in global environmental fields are constant "works in progress."

Ecologic Institute has established a series of events with the aim of discussing and exchanging views on policies, strategies, and recent developments in chosen environmental areas. Our event series contributes to raising awareness on specific environmental themes and provides a valuable networking opportunity for selected experts and stakeholders from policy making, research, academia, civil society, and the private sector.

The scope of our Climate Talks, Dinner Dialogues, Riverside Chats, and Trade Nights is global, and discussion topics focus on both national and international environmental issues. An overview of the different formats and a history of previous events are presented in more detail on their dedicated pages.

Climate Talk

Climate Talk is a platform for experts to discuss the current political, legal and economic issues surrounding climate protection on a regular basis. Selected climate protection experts from min-istries and agencies, businesses, associations, unions, NGOs, law firms, consultancies, and aca-demia are invited.

Climate Talk offers participants the opportunity to exchange information and personal opinions regardless of professional interests or public opinion and to discuss possible solutions. They participate in their personal, not in their official capacity. The aim of this informal exchange is to provide a platform for an expert dialogue, rather than a platform for an exchange of well-known positions.

Climate Talks are held under the Chatham House Rule (participants may make use of infor-mation received from a person or organization but may not identify the source of information).

Climate Talks take place in the early evening and lasts for about two hours. They are convened by Ecologic Institute and the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP).

Read more about the history of Climate Talk...

Dinner Dialogue

The Ecologic Dinner Dialogues bring fresh ideas from outside of Germany to Berlin and facilitate the development of new policy approaches for the environment and sustainable development. They create a forum for exchange between opinion leaders and decision makers from policy, business, science, and civil society. These Dialogues are characterized by informal debates about salient topics, where ideas flow across the boundaries of countries, scientific disciplines, and business and policy communities.

Dinner Dialogues welcome a maximum of 20 participants and take place in exclusive restaurants with a separate room to allow for a quiet atmosphere for discussion. The Dinner Dialogues are held in English and moderated by R. Andreas Kraemer, Director of Ecologic Institute. After a short welcome and introduction by the moderator, an opening statement will be given by the guest of honour. The statement serves as basis for the subsequent discussion between all dinner participants.

Dinner Dialogues are held by Ecologic Institute, often in partnership with other organizations. Sponsors are acknowledged in the description of each event.

Riverside Chat

The Riverside Chat is an "extended" Dinner Dialogue, named after its location on a stationary restaurant ship on the Spree River. The dinner event features two or three environmental policy experts in a moderated discussion with 25 to 35 distinguished participants from policy making, research, academia, civil society, and business. Promising students interested in environmental policy may also be invited. The aim is to discuss and exchange views on policies, strategies, and recent developments regarding a chosen issue. Chatham House rules apply in order to allow debate beyond official positions.

Often, a group of experts that is taking part in a visitor program hosted by Ecologic Institute on behalf of the German Federal Foreign Office will participate in the event.

Riverside Chats are chaired and moderated by R. Andreas Kraemer, Founder & Director Emeritus, Ecologic Institute. After a short welcome and introduction by the moderator, the guests of honour make their opening statements. The statements serve as basis for the subsequent discussion among all dinner participants.

In addition to the mutual learning, the Riverside Chat also serves as a platform to establish contacts with other participants and create networks.

Trade Night

Trade Nights provide trade experts with a forum to discuss current trade-related issues in an informal setting. Trade Nights are open to experts from all types of backgrounds, including public authorities, think tanks, NGOs, companies, and universities. Trade-related topics can at times be controversial; TradeNights are conceived to bring together people with different views and expertise for a frank, constructive exchange of views. Thereby, we provide opportunities for mutual learning and networking. Each Trade Night starts with a short input from varying speakers on a current topic. Trade Nights are currently organised by Christiane Gerstetter and Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf of the Legal Team of Ecologic Institute in cooperation with the Ecologic Events Team.