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Ecologic Institute US

Ecologic Institute US

Ecologic Institute US is an independent non-profit think-tank for applied environmental research and policy analysis. Its mission is to promote greater transatlantic understanding of environmental policies, sustainable economic and political development, and environmental protection through research, publications, educational exchanges, and public events. It accomplishes this through dedication to discovering fresh perspectives in sustainable social and environmental development policies.

Founded in 2008, the Washington, DC office of Ecologic Institute US evolved out of the Transatlantic Program of Ecologic Institute, Berlin, and aims to continue to expand international networks in the field of environmental policy.

Ecologic Institute US provides practical solutions for environmental protection, sustainable development, and opportunities for international cooperation and exchange on debates about environmental policy through a variety of activities:

  • Policy-relevant research reports and analysis on issues related to our mission;
  • Evidence-based analysis and management of complex environmental research projects;
  • Impact assessments aimed at forecasting and projecting environmental impact scenarios;
  • Interdisciplinary teams applying cross-disciplinary theories and methodologies;
  • Educational exchanges, awareness, and capacity-building programs; and
  • Special events, workshops, and conferences.

Ecologic Institute US collaborates with our European partners to develop optimal insights into our six foundational  program areas:

  • Europe and its policies
  • Climate and energy
  • Transatlantic outreach
  • Economics of transformation and infrastructure finance
  • The role of the European and American partnership in international affairs
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem services

Ecologic Institute US is a legally and financially independent IRC 501(c)(3) public charity.