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Environmental Law

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Options and Proposals for the International Governance of Climate Engineering

28 June 2013

The Institute for European Studies in Brussels held a Policy Forum on 28 June 2013 which presented and discussed options and proposals for developing arrangements for the international governance of climate engineering. Based on a study for the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) led by Ecologic Institute, the proposals were presented by Dr. Ralph Bodle, Senior Fellow at Ecologic Institute, and Prof. Dr. Sebastian Oberthür, Academic Director of the IES at the Free University of Brussels. The presentation slides are available for download.

Climate engineering or 'Read more

Identification of German Interests in Environmental Protection and Development of Recommendations for a German Environmental Policy for the Arctic

5 June 2013
Dr. Ralph Bodle and his colleagues presented a report by Ecologic Institute on possible courses of action for German environmental policy with an emphasis on the Arctic in the context of the German government's Arctic Dialogue. The report offered a number of different possibilities of how Germany could work towards improving nature conservation in the Arctic.Read more

Multilateral Governance in the Arctic via the Arctic Council and its Observers – an Arctic Community?

6 May 2013
Arne Riedel, Researcher at Ecologic Institute, presented the institutional framework for the Arctic and its changes as well as the possible influence of Arctic Council observers. Taking the expansion of regional interests into account, the presentation also examined the role of Arctic Council observer states in the possible concept of an "Arctic Community." He outlined the possibilities for observer states to influence the policies of Arctic states within and outside of the Arctic Council and concluded such observer states have been (and will likely remain) demanding actors in Arctic governance. The presentation slides are available for download.Read more

Proposals on the International Governance of Geoengineering

20 March 2013

On 20 March 2013 Ecologic Institute presented the results of a research project on Regulatory and Governance Options for Geoengineering in the Federal Ministry for the Environment. The public event was part of the research project for the Federal Environmenrt Agency im Auftrag des Umweltbundesamtes (UBA), in which Ecologic Institute develops specific proposals for governance of geoengineering at the international...Read more

Convention on Migratory Species: Manual Workshop

1 to 2 November 2012
1 November 2012

On 1 and 2 November 2012 the National Focal Points (NFPs) of the Convention on Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) met in Bonn in order to discuss a manual that Ecologic Institute drafted in order to help the NFPs implement the CMS. Furthermore, Ecologic Institute drafted a concept for an e-community platform that was tested by the NFPs at that meeting. The two-day workshop was moderated by Doris Knoblauch.

The focus of the workshop was to engender a conversation between the NFPs on the different parts of the handbook. To this end, participants were involved in in-depth, so-Read more

Möglichkeiten der völkerrechtlichen Umsetzung einer Klimapolitik der unterschiedlichen Geschwindigkeiten (KluG)

Does international law allow implementing climate policies of different speeds? Can countries form pioneer alliances for ambitious climate protection or are the UN Framework Convention and the Kyoto Protocol a straight jacket? A new Ecologic paper answers these questions. It discusses whether and in what form legally binding measures outside the Convention are lawful and meaningful. The paper is available for download.

Read more

Marine Strategy 2012: A Review of Current Practices in Integrated Ecosystem Assessments

13 May 2012

From 13 to 15 May 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Aarhus University, supported by DHI and ICES, hosted "Marine Strategy 2012", the first European conference on research and ecosystem-based management strategies in support of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). Susanne Altvater was invited to present the findings of a review of international approaches to the integrated assessment of aquatic ecosystems conducted by Ecologic Institute for the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA). The presentation is available for download.

The overarching aim of the conference was to takeRead more

Convention on Migratory Species: Manual and e-community

May 2012 to February 2013
The international Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (also known as CMS or Bonn Convention) aims to conserve terrestrial, aquatic, and avian migratory species throughout their migration routes. All contracting Parties designate National Focal Points (NFP) as liaison officers between relevant government offices and the CMS Secretariats. Ecologic Institute has developed a manual for the NFPs as well as a concept for an NFP e-community platform.Read more

Procedural Aspects in the Context of the Adoption of a New Climate Agreement – International Analysis of a Pioneering Strategy

April 2012 to June 2012
Does international law allow implementing climate policies of different speeds? Can countries form pioneer alliances for ambitious climate protection or are the UN Framework Convention and the Kyoto Protocol a straight jacket? This project and a new paper answers these questions. Read more

Ecoscholars Event: Global Climate Policy After Durban

16 February 2012

On 16 February 2012, Ecoscholars held an evening discussion in conjunction with the Hertie School of Governance. The event focused on the state of global climate after the latest round of UN negotiations, held in Durban, South Africa in November - December 2011. Opening talks were given by two expert speakers examining differing aspects of the negotiations and future scenarios for climate policy. These opening talks were followed by a question and answer session from the Ecoscholars participants, as well as informal discussion over food and drinks.

Dr. Susanne Dröge, Head of theRead more


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