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Katrina Abhold Co-coordinator Coastal and Marine Studies, Researcher

socioeconomics, behavioral economics, green infrastructure, Corporate Social Responsibility, invasive alien species, marine and coastal management

Shafiqul Alam International Climate Protection Fellow

climate policy, energy policy, carbon pricing tools, greenhouse gas mitigation

Stefanie Albrecht Junior Researcher

governance, sustainable resource management

Susanne Altvater, Ass.iur. Senior Fellow

biodiversity, high seas protected areas, access to and benefit sharing of genetic resources, indigenous knowledge and intellectual property rights, synergies between biodiversity and climate change

Britta Ammermüller Fellow
Kurtis Anthony Intern

health indicators, health policy

Andrew Ayres Associate

water policy, environmental economics, economic instruments, river basin management, renewable energy policy, Ecologic Transatlantic Program

Inga Bach, LLM Research Assistant

Arctic, environmental law, resource governance, international law, EU-law, energy

Sydney Baloue Transatlantic Fellow

energy policy, smart grid, consumer behavior, energy security, utilities

Haran Bar-On Transatlantic Fellow

managing behavioral transitions, sustainable behavior, policy analysis, benefit assessment

Golo Bartsch Associate

democracy, governance, security policy, foreign policy, energy

Lea Bartschat Ecological Volunteer (FÖJ)
Kathrina Baur Legal Trainee
Benjamin Beckers Research Assistant

environmental economics

Karin Beese Project Manager

Communication, Public Relations, Network Building, Climate Change, Adaptation

Agnes Behm, LLM Legal Trainee

climate change law, energy law, national and European environmental law, European Union law

Stephen Bell Transatlantic Fellow

soil protection, agriculture, biodiversity, policy

Jenny Bellan Assistant Content Manager

documentation, Ecologic newsletter

Ines Ben Mrad Financial Assistant

projects, accounting

Jessica Benten Intern


Elisa Bergemann Intern

infographics, illustrations, diagrams, layouts

Maria Berglund Researcher

water management and policy, sustainable land use, environmental policy

Matthias Bergmann Legal Trainee
Andreas Bertram Web Developer

website administration & maintenance, Drupal development

Kristine Berzins Transatlantic Fellow

energy, climate change, Baltic Sea, developing countries

Karla Bethkenhagen Ecological Volunteer (FÖJ)
Sarah Beyer Research Assistant

environmental economics, water management and water policies

Dr. Peter Beyer Alumnus

intellectual property, public health

Daniel Blobel Senior Analyst

climate change mitigation and adaptation policies, sustainable urban and infrastructure development, social aspects of environmental policies, environmental finance reform

Dr. Thomas Bosecke Fellow
Benjamin Boteler Senior Fellow

Marine socioeconomics and policy, environmental economics, socioeconomic indicators, adaptation to climate change

Gordon Bradshaw Intern

urban sustainability, renewable energy, climate

Dr. Ingo Bräuer Coordinator Biodiversity, Senior Fellow
Sarina Bstieler Event Manager & Manager Internal Events

event organisation, Ecologic Events

Matthias Buck Alumnus
Jan Bührke Legal Trainee

climate, ocean protection, environmental criminal law

Chris Burdack Assistant Event Manager

event organisation, Ecologic Events

David W. Campbell Transatlantic Fellow, Robert Bosch Fellow
Marta Chelminska International Fellow

economics, valuation of non-market goods, quantitative analysis

Kyle P. Cline Robert Bosch Fellow, Transatlantic Fellow

renewable energy, energy planning, energy security, clean technology, sustainable city systems

Matthew Collins Transatlantic Intern
Axel Conrads Fellow
Dirk Czerwonatis Ecological Volunteer (FÖJ)
Lisa Dahlke Legal Trainee

climate, energy

Giulia Dal Co Intern
Raleigh Davis Research Intern

water, energy

Nicholas Den Haan Intern

International Environmental and Humanitarian Law

Alexander Deubner Trainee

International and urban energy-, environment-, climate policies

Viktoria Dilken Legal Trainee
Felix Döhler Associate

development, governance, climate, policy evaluation, urban and municipal development, decentralisation, public participation

Lena Donat, LLM Fellow

international and European environmental law, climate change law, climate

Elizabeth Dooley JD, LLM Researcher

attorney, agriculture, development, climate change, legal, trade, biodiversity

Tanja Dräger de Teran Fellow
Maximilian Drake Legal Trainee

Energy law, law of renewable energies

Petra Dunskus Deputy Team Lead HR

operative personnel administration, contract management, employment-law consultancy

Thomas Dworak Head of Vienna Office, Senior Fellow

water management and policy, soil protection, information technology, sustainable development

Andrew Eberle Transatlantic Fellow, Konrad von Moltke Fellow

renewable energy, international environmental law, climate change, Arctic, transportation policy, biodiversity

Melf-Hinrich Ehlers Research Assistant
Cornelius Eich Transatlantic Intern

International energy and climate policies

Nick Evans Research Assistant

European climate policy, emission trading

Lorenzo Felicetti Intern
Carolina Figueroa Arango International Climate Protection Fellow

climate change, ecosystem based adaptation, biodiversity, green and blue infrastructure, ecosystem services, human wellbeing, resilience

Piper Foster Transatlantic Fellow, Alexander von Humboldt German Chancellor Fellow
Petra Franke Financial Officer
Mona Freundt Junior Researcher

governance, EU, climate policy, energy policy

Marc Freytag Assistant Network and System Administrator
Fanny Frick Intern
David Fritz IT Support
Loni Gardner JD Transatlantic Fellow, Alexander von Humboldt German Chancellor Fellow

renewable energy, climate change, climate change policy

Valérie Gehlé Intern
Adrienne Gehre Financial Manager


Uta Gehre-Gensel Financial Manager and HR Manager

financial accounting, HR processes

Bettina Georgiou Legal Trainee
Leah Germer Transatlantic Fellow

agriculture, biodiversity, climate change, information management

Maren Giebing Transatlantic Intern

environmental, economic and social indicators, sustainability measurement

Dr. Olivia Gippner Associate, Dahrendorf Postdoctoral Fellow

climate policy, China, EU-Asia relations, energy, European foreign and security policy, international climate negotiations; non-traditional security threats

Cornelia Gleitsmann Transatlantic Intern
Bernhard Glomm Network and System Administration
Holger Gödderz Intern

governance, local sustainable development strategies

Brandon Goeller Transatlantic Fellow

freshwater ecology, biodiversity, marine policy, nature conservation, knowledge transfer

Kelly Gouhoury Intern

economic assessment, ecosystem services, biodiversity

Andreas Graf Researcher

renewable energy, biodiversity, sustainable development, international and European environmental governance

Sabine Grimm Fellow
Annika Gröger Legal Trainee
Max Grünig Senior Fellow

transport and energy policy, transport and energy sector transformation, smart grid, sustainable urban mobility, consumer behavior and behavioral economics, economics of water policy

Amely Gundlach Researcher

energy, climate, cities

Benedikt Günter Fellow

energy policy, energy economics, climate policy, emissions trading, renewable energy

Stephan Gürtler International Fellow

environmental governance, environmental communication and public participation

Ruth Haake Intern
Christian Haase Freelance IT-Consultant
Lisa-Marie Hancke Ecological Volunteer (FÖJ)
Polly Hand Robert Bosch Fellow, Transatlantic Fellow

energy, climate change, economics

Dr. Felix Hardach Fellow

climate protection, emissions trade, aviation, auctioning, free allocation, energy law, grid planning, CCS

Marius Hasenheit Researcher

Green Economy, climate change adaptation, transformation studies

Nina Hehn Legal Trainee
Astrid Heibl Legal Trainee
Jan Heidbrink Assistant IT Team

IT Support

Sabrina Heinecke Intern

resource efficiency

Anneli Heinrich Personnel Officer
Sophie Herbert Researcher

biodiversity, nature and ecosystem service protection, green infrastructure, sustainable rural development, European forest and agricultural policies, science-policy/practice interface

Uta Hergert Office Manager
Hauke Hermann Fellow
Johannes Herweg Ecological Volunteer (FÖJ)
Heike Hildebrand Head of Human Resources & Institute Development

Manager, Konrad von Moltke Fund, Transatlantic Program

Diana Hildenbrand HR Officer

operative personnel administration, contract management, recruitment, staff development, qualification

Helene Hoffmann Co-coordinator Coastal and Marine Studies, Researcher

marine policy, marine and coastal management, fisheries, biodiversity, ecosystem services, climate change

Elena Hofmann Research Assistant

European environmental policy, sustainable development, international relations

Stefan Höhne Junior HR Manager

operative personnel administration, contract management, recruitment, staff development

Anthony Maxim Holmes Research Assistant

public international law, EU law, international criminal law

Uwe Holzhammer Senior Analyst

renewables energy, biogas technology, biogas processing, bioenergy, building services, heating systems

Gesa Homann LLM Fellow

Rechtsanwältin (Lawyer), Climate and Energy, International Law, European Union Law, Climate Change Law, Energy Law

Dr. Volker Hoppenbrock Fellow

Rechtsanwalt (Lawyer), renewable energies, energy law, biomass

Sylwia Horala Assistant Network and System Administrator
David Huberman Transatlantic Fellow
Christian Hudson Associate

resource efficiency, consumer behaviour, eco-innovation, transition, European Commission

Sabrina Hundegger Legal Trainee
Stephen Hylden Researcher

biodiversity, conservation, ecosystem services, ecology, tropics, ecosystem based management, Latin America

Alejandro Iglesias Campos Fellow

coastal management, marine spatial planning, environmental data and information, extreme weather events, adaptation to climate change impacts, environmental vulnerability and impacts, land and sea bed cover

Lana Immelman Assistant Content Manager

documentation, Ecologic newsletter

Eduard Interwies Senior Fellow
Anett Jacob Legal Trainee
Anja Jaekel Legal Trainee

financial market reform, European Union law

Sima Jamshidi Assistant Events Team

event organisation, Ecologic Events

Nils Jansen Web Designer

project management, interface design

Mark Jariabka Transatlantic Fellow
Dr. Christine Jasch Partner

environmental economics, environmental management, environmental audits, EMAS

Karolin Jean Office Manager

administrative support to the research teams

Arif Jensen Web Developer

website administration & maintenance, database design, Drupal/PHP development

Matthew Jones Intern

indicators report

Michael Jopp Ecological Volunteer (FÖJ)
Maximilian Kaeding HR Manager

operative personnel administration, contract management, recruitment, staff development

Terri Kafyeke Researcher, Konrad von Moltke Fellow

environmental impact assessment, policy assessment, green economy, marine policy, EU environmental policy

Lena Kalbfell Legal Trainee
Elizabeth Kamai Intern

environmental and community health, sustainable development

Lena Kampf Research Assistant
Rachel Kane Transatlantic Fellow

environmental indicators, energy efficiency, renewable energy, climate change

Melissa Keeley Robert Bosch Fellow
Bianca Keilbach Conference Manager
Martin Kerger Ecological Volunteer (FÖJ)
Jenny Kirschey Legal Trainee

European Union Law /European community law, international public law, energy and environmental law, Climate Change, Development Policy

Katharina Klaas Research Assistant

natural resources management, water, development policy

Ansel Olive Klein Transatlantic Fellow
Julia Kleinschmidt Fellow

International and European emissions trading, environmental economics, sustainable development

Ariane Knackmuß Student Assistant
Gary Knapp Legal Trainee
Rasma Knigge Ecological Volunteer (FÖJ)
Olga König Financial Manager and HR Manager


Kevin Korffmann Assistant Event Manager

invitation management, technical and logistical on-site support, Ecologic Events

Melanie Kößler Legal Trainee
Dr. Nicole Kranz Associate

international water, corporate responsibility, public participation in environmental policy

Selma Clara Kreibich Research Assistant

climate policy, energy policy, EU, Germany, Brazil

Gunhild Krieter Personnel Assistant
Christine Kruczynski Senior Financial Manager
Ina Krüger Fellow

management of natural resources, sustainable marine management, Integrated River Basin Management

Dr. Nina Kuckländer Network and System Administration
Cornelius Laaser Fellow

water resource management, EU Water Framework Directive, climate change, land use change, nature conservation

Sarah Lang Transatlantic Intern

biodiversity, economic assessment, ocean policy

Stefanie Lange Researcher
Simon Lange Research Assistant
Marlene Angela Lange Researcher

water, water supply and sanitation, global and European water policy, sustainable resource management

Julian Lee Visiting Fellow

water policy, climate change, adaptation, economic analysis of environmental policies and regulations

Franziska Lehmann Researcher

marine policy, fisheries and natural resource management, ocean climate change, conservation

Anna Leipprand Fellow
Josephine Lenk Assistant Event Manager

administration of data-bases, preparation of conference material,  logistical und technical support, Ecologic Events

Pamela Lesser Associate

land use, urban sustainability, climate change

Stephanie Lindner Legal Trainee
Jessica Löhndorf Fellow

renewable energy, biomass, bioenergy, biofuels, photovoltaics, sustainability, certification schemes

Ida Lübben Assistant Content Manager

documentation, Ecologic newsletter

Christine Lucha Senior Fellow

renewable energies, mediation, public participation, Renewable Energy Sources Act, energy law & policies, climate change policies

Jens Lukas Fellow

renewable energies, energy law, climate protection

Sabine Lund Research Assistant

European economy, sustainable development, behavior economics, decision-making processes

Philip Luthardt Intern

RADOST-Tour 2012, sustainability, climate change

Katja Lux Assistant Event Manager

invitation management, technical and logistical on-site support, Ecologic Events

Mandy Ma Transatlantic Fellow
Jessica Magnus Legal Trainee
Mathilde Mansoz Transatlantic Fellow

water management, economic and policy instruments, transaction costs, Arctic, climate change mitigation and adaptation, urban sustainability

Michael Marble Researcher and Office Manager

European and US climate change policy, emission trading, renewable energy, energy efficiency

Dr. Simon Marr LLM Senior Fellow
Katrina Marsden Researcher
Michaela Matauschek Office & Accounting
Melissa Maxter Research Assistant

ecological engineering, environmental psychology and behavior, biodiversity, land use, food systems, governance

Keighley McFarland Researcher

sustainability transitions, biodiversity, food systems, sustainable land use, governance

Emily McGlynn Transatlantic Fellow, Trainee Policy Analyst

climate change, arctic policy, emissions trading, international negotiations, renewable energy

Friederike Mechel, LLM Policy Associate
Conrad Mehlhorn Assistant Network and System Administrator
Lisa Meinecke Researcher

energy law, digitalization, environmental criminal law

Dr. Sebastian Mielke Legal Trainee

climate strategies, energy policy

Nora Mielke Ecological Volunteer (FÖJ)
Eleonora Milazzo ACCEL Fellow

Arctic sustainable future, Arctic climate change

Scot Miller Transatlantic Fellow
James Mister Transatlantic Fellow

International environmental law, energy, climate, business, security policy, investment

George Moakley Financial Assistant

travel expense accounting, proofreading, translation

Stefan Mohr Ecological Volunteer (FÖJ)
Jennifer Möller-Gulland Researcher

environmental (water) economics, environmental policy assessments, environmental and economic accounting, (international) macroeconomics, Green Economy, Water Framework Directive

Helen Monzel Fellow

emission trading schemes, carbon pricing mechanisms, air transport, maritime traffic, climate policy, economic assessments

Kim Mossler Office Manager

administrative support to the research teams

Kai Müller Research Assistant

climate, nuclear waste disposal, energy, water, emissions trading

Ruben Müller Fellow
Dominik Müller, LLM Senior Analyst

Rechtsanwalt (Lawyer), environmental law, energy policy, renewable energy, bioenergy, sustainability, climate protection

Jack Mulligan Intern

plastics, energy

Dr. Rainer Müssner Senior Fellow
Saraniya Nageswaran Assistant Content Manager

documentation, Ecologic newsletter

Daniel Nemitz Assistant
Kirsten Neumann Associate

renewable energy policies, climate change, International climate negotiations,
International biodiversity negotiations, water, development policies, microenergy systems, Middle East, North Africa, Desertec, solar power, off-grid solutions

Dr. Uwe Neuser Senior Fellow
Jessica Newman Transatlantic Fellow

water, agriculture, development, climate change adaptation

Dr. Darla N. Nickel Senior Fellow

International and European water management and policy, adaptation of water management to climate change, water supply and sanitation, water pricing, knowledge transfer

Dr. Cornelia Nicklas Senior Fellow
Martin Obermaier Research Assistant
Daniel Oderbolz Head of IT
Prof. Michael K. Orbach Senior Policy Advisor

coastal and marine policy

Sebastian Ossio Web Developer

database design, PHP development

Robert Ostwald Research Assistant

climate and energy policies of the European Union, research and innovation policy

Rebecca Oswald Legal Trainee
Franka Pätzke Research Assistant

sustainable land use, food systems, resource management, dissemination, events organisation

Sylvia Paulot Alexander von Humboldt International Climate Protection Fellow

climate change policies, climate change mitigation, reducing emissions, adaptation

Adam Pearson Transatlantic Fellow, Konrad von Moltke Fellow

renewable energy, climate change, transportation and energy policy, sustainable urban mobility, consumer behavior, science communication 

Henrike Peichert Fellow
Bettina Peifer Fellow
Dr. Ralph Piotrowski Senior Fellow

transition processes, societal change, international relations, psychology, individual behaviour, communication, participatory processes, mediation

Lucas Porsch Senior Fellow

economic, environmental and social indicators, impact assessment, regulation

Andreas Prahl Fellow

energy, climate, renewable energies, energy efficiency, carbon markets, economic evaluation

Malte Preuß LLM Legal Trainee
Dennis Rabbe Legal Trainee
Jasmin Raith Fellow

 Rechtsanwältin (Lawyer), climate protection law, emissions trading law, energy law

Ashvin Ramasamy Transatlantic Fellow

trans-border environmental assessment, arctic development, urban redevelopment, sustainability policy

Dr. Barbara Rathmer Senior Fellow
Felix-André Ratzel Legal Trainee

Public International Law, European Law, resource efficiency, climate

Janik Reali Assistant Office Manager
Andrew Reid Researcher

International and European marine policy, climate change, adaptation, global environmental governance, transatlantic cooperation, knowledge transfer

Dr. Maria Miguel Ribeiro Researcher
Monica Ridgway Researcher

sustainable transportation and urban mobility, energy efficiency, renewable energy, consumer behavior and behavioral economics

Amelie Ritter Intern

reduction of food waste

Dr. Zoë Robaey Transatlantic Fellow & Research Assistant

sustainability, infrastructure, energy, participation, traffic

Ennid Roberts, LLM Researcher

public international law, European law, international environmental law, German public law, human rights, environmental policy

Dominik Robker Ecological Volunteer (FÖJ)
Hannah Rogers-Ganter Transatlantic Fellow
Charlene Rohde Financial Assistant

travel expense accounting and projects

Anna-Helene Römer Ecological Volunteer (FÖJ)
Shanyn Ronis Research Intern

environmentalist behavior, policy research, biofuels, project acquisition

ir. Colette de Roo Fellow
Jörg Roos Researcher
Frank Rudek Network and System Administration
Julia Rufin, LLM Fellow
Julia Rüsch Fellow
Nizara Luisa Safaricz Ecological Volunteer (FÖJ)
Florencia Sanchez Acosta Intern

French, European and International environmental law, resources, economic instruments, trade, environmental liability

Jonathan Sapp Assistant

proofreading, text editing, writing style

Dora Schaffrin Fellow
Sabrina Schärf Research Assistant

climate, energy, EU

Dr. Jan Scharlau LLM Fellow

Rechtsanwalt (lawyer), climate change law and policies, energy law and energy policy, emissions trading, international climate finance, carbon compliance, socially responsible investment, European environmental law

Cathy Schechter Project Assistant

sustainability indicators, community health, California water policy, city planning and land use

Daniel Scheler Conference Manager in Training
Britta Schemm Fellow

international agrofuels, bioenergy, renewable energies

Simone Schiele Fellow

climate, international law, international environmental negotiations

Steffen Schlömer Researcher
Melanie Schlund Assistant Content Manager

documentation, Ecologic newsletter

Lisa Katharina Schmid Fellow

climate policy, carbon pricing mechanisms, emissions trading, decarbonization

Stefanie Schmidt Fellow

fisheries, marine policy, resource efficiency, consumer behavior, environmental governance

Sandra Schmidt Head of Organization Team, Senior Office Manager

team management

Eva Schmidt Intern

environmental economics, climate policy, market-based instruments, indicators, marine socioeconomics and policy

Nele Schmidt Translation Assistant


Markus Julius Schneider Ecological Volunteer (FÖJ)
Mark Schneider Legal Trainee
Wenke Schönfelder Senior Policy Advisor

water management and policy, waste policy, resource management

Leonie Schultz HR Assistant

recruitment, operative administration

Hanna Schumacher Fellow
Dr. Jenniver Sehring Associate

water management, water politics, governance, climate change,  development policy, EU foreign policy, Central Asia

Jordan Selig Transatlantic Intern
Paula Senff Transatlantic Intern


Paul Senker Transatlantic Fellow

energy markets, climate change policy

Jana Siemonsmeier Assistant Events Team

event organisation, Ecologic Events

Prof. Dr. Mikael Skou-Andersen Senior Policy Advisor

European environmental policy, environmental economics

Lucy Olivia Smith Researcher

food security, land use, agriculture, biodiversity, bioenergy, resource management

Nader Sobhani Intern

Corporate Social Responsibility

Prof. Dr. Viriato Soromenho-Marques Senior Policy Advisor

political philosophy, philosophy of history

Dr. Fabian Sösemann Researcher
Ljudmila Stamova Financial Manager

financial controlling and projects

Dr. Albert Statz Senior Associate

sustainability strategy, particularly sustainability governance, transnational cooperation in the framework of the Local Agenda 21

Susanah Stoessel Associate

Konrad von Moltke Fund, Ecologic Transatlantic Program, governance, international and EU environmental governance, United Nations, Arctic, sustainability

Theresa Stoll International Fellow

energy policies and economics, climate change policies

Dr. des. Hannah Strauß Visiting Scholar

Arctic, large scale energy projects, licensing procedures, sociological and anthropological approaches, indigenous peoples of the circumpolar North

Florian Strenge Research Assistant

climate, energy

PhD Pierre Strosser Senior Associate

water policy, economic analysis, development

Michael Strübin Senior Advisor, Public Relations

organisational positioning

Nataliya Stupak Researcher

environmental and natural resource economics, institutional analysis of sustainability problems, soil conservation

Erika Sulik Transatlantic Intern

impact assessment, sustainability

Richard Tarasofsky, LLM, LLB Senior Policy Advisor
Elizabeth Tedsen JD Senior Fellow

attorney, environmental law, international law, regulatory analysis, climate, water, Arctic

Elke Tesche Head of Finance & Accounts
Thomas Thaler Researcher

EU Water Framework Directive, water management and policy, rural development, environmental and regional economics

Dr. Jan Thorbecke Researcher

Diplom-Jurist (Lawyer), energy law, energy policy, renewable energies

Andrea Trapp HR Officer

operative personnel administration, contract management, employment-law consultancy

Isabelle Turcotte Transatlantic Fellow

water management

Sebastian Unger Policy Advisor

marine environmental protection, maritime policy, environmental governance, Arctic affairs, energy transformation

Prabhat Upadhyaya Alexander von Humboldt International Climate Protection Fellow

clean development mechanism (CDM), emissions trading, UN climate change negotiations, mitigation policies, climate finance

Dr. Wolfgang Urban Senior Analyst

renewable energies, biogas technology, biogas upgrading, bioenergy, combined heat and power generation

Annemarie van der Westhuysen Intern

translation, editing, communication, research

Jessica Vargas Harris Personnel Assistant

recruitment, retraining and qualification, operational personnel administration

Maic Verbücheln Researcher
Joshua Viesteg Ecological Volunteer (FÖJ)
Anouk Vieveen Intern

environmental economics, water management, market research, climate change adaptation

Kerstin Völker Library and Publications
Alice von Bieberstein Intern
Johanna von Toggenburg Researcher

global and European water management and policy, river-basin and coastal management, water management in agriculture, interface of water science and policy, EU Water Framework Directive (WFD), Ocean Governance

Antje Vorwerk Researcher
Clare Waldmann Transatlantic Fellow, Robert Bosch Fellow

marine policy, integrated coastal management, climate adaptation, governance, stakeholder engagement

Jessica Ward Research Assistant
Gitte Warnick Legal Trainee
Rüdiger Weidlich Legal Trainee
Katherine Weingartner Fellow

renewable energies, international relations, energy policy, security policy, European Union policy and foreign policy

Killian Wentrup Fellow

energy, climate change, carbon, emissions trading, renewable energy, energy efficiency, economics, CDM, Kyoto Protocol

Mira Wenzel Research Assistant

resource policy, renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable transportation

Jana Werner Ecological Volunteer (FÖJ)
Dr. Viktoria Wesslowski Researcher
Géraldine Westman Legal Trainee

energy law, European law, energy law

Patricia van de Wetering Legal Trainee
Alena White, LLM Legal Trainee

international trade, intellectual property rights, biotechnology regulation, sustainable development, climate change, environmental governance, energy law

Julia Wiedemann Assistant Event Manager

event organisation, Ecologic Events

Miriam Wiemers Intern

German National Climate Initiative

Emma Wientapper Ecological Volunteer (FÖJ)
Anna Wiggeringloh Legal Trainee

Environmental Law and Policy, Energy Law, German Public Law

Dr. Mark Wimmer Fellow

energy policy, renewable energies, photovoltaics, energy storage, sustainable bioenergy, climate protection

Marc Witte Research Assistant
Jan Wohlfarth Ecological Volunteer (FÖJ)
Carolin Wolf Head of Organization Team, Senior Manager

acquisition management, team management, strategic development

Stefanie Wurm Senior Manager

publications, communication, proofreading, editing, press service, public relations

Elizabeth Zelljadt Fellow

emissions trading, carbon markets, international climate change negotiations, energy policy