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Director and Science – Ecologic Institute EU

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Dr. Camilla Bausch Scientific & Executive Director, Ecologic Institute Europe, Board Member
Gerardo Anzaldúa Senior Fellow

environmental economics, water management, natural resource economics, biodiversity, climate change adaptation, sustainable development

Ariel Araujo Researcher

resource efficiency, resource governance, circular economy, waste management, public participation, environmental education

Aaron Best Coordinator Data Analysis, Senior Fellow

environmental economics, trade and the environment, climate policy, market-based instruments, sustainable development, indicators

Dr. Ralph Bodle, LLM Senior Fellow

Ecologic Legal, Rechtsanwalt (Lawyer), international and European environmental law, climate change law and international climate finance, geoengineering and weather modification, PRTR, UN negotiations

Benedict Bueb International Fellow

environmental governance, sustainable development, water policy, climate change adaptation

Natalia Burgos Cuevas International Climate Protection Fellow

climate change adaptation, cities, migration, sustainable development

McKenna Davis Senior Fellow

biodiversity, conservation, ecosystem services, green infrastructure, climate change  adaptation, Transatlantic Program

Ramiro de la Vega Research Assistant

energy, climate, economics

Laurens Duin Researcher

European economics, EU climate and energy policy, circular economy, urban sustainability

Matthias Duwe Head, Climate

EU climate and energy policy, International climate negotiations, emissions trading and other market-based mechanisms, environmental aspects of development cooperation, CCS, civil society networks, NGOs

Ricarda Faber Research Assistant

energy and climate policy

Dr. Ana Frelih-Larsen Coordinator Agriculture & Soils, Senior Fellow

agriculture, soil conservation, water management, Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), climate change mitigation and adaptation, Water Framework Directive (WFD)

Holger Gerdes Coordinator Bioeconomy, Senior Fellow

bioeconomy, participatory governance, environmental & resource economics, ecosystem services

Dr. Christiane Gerstetter Senior Fellow

Ecologic Legal, Rechtsanwältin (Lawyer), trade, environmental governance, environmental law, environmental crime, sustainable development

Benjamin Görlach Head, Economics and Policy Assessment, Senior Fellow

environmental economics, economic valuation of environmental goods and services, economic instruments for nature and environment protection, evaluation of environmental policies

Irina Herb International Fellow

agro-ecology, soil, water

Mandy Hinzmann Fellow

environmental economics, sustainable resource management, biodiversity, ecosystem services

Dr. Martin Hirschnitz-Garbers Coordinator Resource Efficiency & Circular Economy, Senior Fellow

decoupling of resource use and economic growth, waste avoidance, reuse and recycling of material resources, sustainable resource management, policies on resource conservation and resource use

Sira Horstkötter, LLB Research Assistant

Ecologic Legal, environmental and climate protection, sustainable development

Sophie Ittner Researcher

agriculture, soil, climate mitigation

Ewa Iwaszuk Researcher

climate change, environmental governance, EU climate policy, climate change and cities

Dr. Leonhard Kähler Fellow

European emissions trading, aviation, CO2 pricing

Dr. Eleftheria Kampa Senior Fellow

water policy, river basin management, institutional analysis, governance, biodiversity, Mediterranean region

Dr. Zoritza Kiresiewa Fellow

environmental policy, governance, developing countries, development policy, natural resources, Old World Dry Belt

Anneke Klasing Head of Human Resources, Senior Fellow

HR: team management, recruitment, strategic staff development, qualification
Science: behavioural change, societal transitions, evaluation, participation

Doris Knoblauch Coordinator Urban & Spatial Governance, Senior Fellow

environmental governance, local climate protection, evaluation of environmental policies, public participation, sustainable development, development cooperation

R. Andreas Kraemer Initiator and Convenor, Arctic Summer College, Founder and Director Emeritus, Ecologic Institute

Manager, Konrad von Moltke Fund

Dr. Manuel Lago Senior Fellow

environmental/natural resources economics, economic analysis of environmental policies and regulations

Ruta Landgrebe-Trinkunaite Fellow

soil protection policy, European agricultural policy, sustainable land use, EU enlargement

Susanne Langsdorf Fellow

resource efficiency and conservation, resource policy analysis, resource and waste management, environmental governance, sustainable urbanization and transition processes

Dr. Grit Martinez Senior Fellow

Environmental history, culture, climate change adaptation, risk management, governance, collaborative learning

Hugh McDonald Fellow

environmental economics, ecosystem services, water management, socioeconomics and policy

Katriona McGlade Fellow

climate change adaptation, governance, stakeholder engagement, international and sustainable development, water and marine policy

Linda Mederake Researcher

environmental governance, local climate policies, biodiversity, ecosystem services

Dr. Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf Head, International and European Governance, Senior Fellow

Ecologic Legal, climate change policies, international and European environmental governance, sustainable development, environment and trade, environment and security, environment and the United Nations, EU enlargement

Sandra Naumann Coordinator Biodiversity and Nature-based Solutions, Senior Fellow

biodiversity, ecosystem-based approach, sustainable land use, agricultural policy, soil protection, development cooperation

Rebecca Noebel Researcher

ecosystem services, land cover changes, ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA), nNature-based solutions (NBS), green infrastructures (GI), spatial and quantitative analyses

Clara Deniz Oldenburg Junior Researcher

EU climate and energy policy, emissions trading, market-based mechanisms, economic, development cooperation, futures studies

David Reichwein, LLB Fellow

Ecologic Legal, Rechtsanwalt (Lawyer), energy law, renewable energy law, climate change law, geoengineering

Arne Riedel, LLM Coordinator Ecologic Legal, Coordinator Arctic, Senior Fellow

Ecologic Legal, Rechtsanwalt (Lawyer), arctic, climate change law and policies, emissions trading

Lina Röschel Researcher

biodiversity conservation, water management, adaptation to climate change

Dr. Josselin Rouillard Fellow

water, land use, climate change adaptation, governance, public policy analysis

Galina Rudik Research Assistant

international development politics, land use, governance, climate change adaptation

Anurodh Sachdeva International Fellow, Alexander von Humboldt German Chancellor Fellow

circular economy, plastics, e-waste, Extended Producer Responsibility, PRO

Michael Schock Researcher

environmental economics, environmental indicators, consumer behavior, civil participation

Hannes Schritt Researcher

water technology, limnology, soil science, agriculture, nutrient cycles, climate mitigation

Dr. Stephan Sina Senior Fellow, Coordinating In-house Counsel

Ecologic Legal, Rechtsanwalt (Lawyer), climate change law, energy law, environmental law, Coordinating In-house Counsel

Dr. Ulf Stein Coordinator Water Studies, Senior Fellow

freshwater ecology, integrated water resource management, environmental planning, biodiversity, nature conservation, flood risk, environmental information systems

Dr. Nico Stelljes Co-coordinator Coastal and Marine Studies, Fellow

RADOST, adaptation to climate change, coastal issues, post-normal science, human-nature interactions, transdisciplinarity

Dr. Heidi Stockhaus Coordinator International Development, Fellow

Ecologic Legal, international law, international climate change law, German and European environmental law

John Tarpey Researcher

energy, climate, water management, adaptation, environmental economics, renewable energy

Jan-Erik Thie Junior Researcher

economics, climate economics, energy economics, International economics, climate politics

Jenny Tröltzsch Coordinator Adaptation, Fellow

economic valuation of climate policy instruments, adaptation to climate change, climate politics, emissions trading

Katharina Umpfenbach Coordinator Energy, Senior Fellow

energy and climate policy, EU energy market integration, renewable energies, sector coupling

Janna Vakili Research Assistant

plastics, urban governance

Eike Karola Velten Senior Fellow

energy economics and policies, climate change policies, carbon markets, renewable energy sources, energy for development

Rodrigo Vidaurre Fellow

water management and policy, river basin management, adaptation to climate change, governance, agriculture, water framework directive

Philipp Voß Fellow

Climate, Energy, Economics

Stephanie Wunder Coordinator Land Use Policy, Coordinator Food Systems, Senior Fellow

sustainable land use, soil, sustainable food systems, SDGs, social innovation, urban rural linkages

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