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Associates – Ecologic Institute EU

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Albrecht Gradmann Associate

statistical methods, data management, energy policy, emissions trading, econometrics, economic geography, South America

Thibaud Henin Associate

Arctic, sustainable development, international regimes, effectiveness, institutional design, global environmental governance, Latin America, North America, resource management, climate change

Dr. Ingmar von Homeyer Senior Associate

EU environmental governance, integration of environmental concerns into other policy areas, EU sustainable development policy, external dimension of EU environmental policy, EU-enlargement, biotechnology regulation policy

Timo Kaphengst Senior Associate

biodiversity, ecosystem services, land use policies, environmental and social aspects of bioenergy, international forest policies, transition processes, behavioral changes

Helen Lückge Senior Associate

environmental economics, economic analyses in the fields of climate change and transport, market-based instruments, strategy development, adaptation to climate change

Evelyn Lukat Associate

integrated water resource management, ecology, environmental assessment, dissemination, agriculture, rural development, water quality

Christopher Moore Associate

water, infrastructure, green, sustainability, finance, economics

Prof. Christoph H. Stefes, PhD Senior Associate, Professor (University of Colorado)

renewable energies (US, Europe), energy politics, European neighborhood policy (Caspian region)

Krista Timeus Cerezo Associate

climate, energy, biofuels, bioenergy, development, Konrad von Moltke Fund

Dr. Tim Wawer Associate

energy and environmental economics, power system market design, system and market integration of renewable energies, smart grid, storage, energy efficiency

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