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Land Use Planning and Management at the Local Level

February 2004
How can the rate of land consumed on greenfield sites for purposes of urban development and traffic be reduced? Which instruments are most appropriate to use in reaching this goal? How significant will fiscal, economic, regulatory and planning tools be in reducing and managing land development? Which tasks will have to be carried out at the national, regional and local level to support this aim? These and other vital questions were discussed at the Workshop Land Use Planning and Management at the Local Level. Read more

Benchmarking of Water Supply and Sanitation Services (Waterbench)

January 2004 to January 2005

Together with partner institutes in France and Russia Ecologic is identifying a set of benchmarking indicators for Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) services. These indicators are to assist the WSS sectoral reform and modernisation in the Newly Independent States (NIS). The results of the study will be published in the beginning of 2005.


The development of performance indicators for Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) services has gradually become more important in the last years. On the one hand, this can be related to anRead more

Environmental Regulatory Law

January 2004 to September 2004
The study analyses and evaluates the enforcement of environmental Community law by German administrative law as well as the national law of the EU Member States. For these purposes, the efficiency of national administrative measures in guaranteeing the protection of the environment as requested by specific European Directives and Regulations is illustrated in theory and practice. Read more

National Sustainable Development Strategy in Germany

January 2004 to April 2004
As part of the Sustainable Development Strategy process, a conference entitled "Dialogue for the National Sustainable Development Strategy: How could its environmental profile be strengthened?" was held on 18-19 March 2004. Ecologic Institute conceptually prepared the conference and wrote the final report. Six topics of cross-sectional interest were chosen and guidelines for discussions developed.Read more

Screening Methods for the Water Framework Directive (SWIFT-WFD)

January 2004 to March 2007

The underlying goal of the SWIFT-WFD project is to support the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). The project's objective is to identify the monitoring methods in use and assess how they support the WFD implementation. It also aims to develop new screening methods which are cost-effective and ready to use.


Monitoring requirements for successfully implementing the WFD will directly depend upon available measurement techniques of demonstrated quality that can deliver reliable data at affordable costs.

TheRead more


Environmental and Resource Costs in the Water Framework Directive: the Case of Germany

December 2003 to September 2004

The valuation of environmental and resource costs plays a central role for the implementation of the EC Water Framework Directive (WFD). Benjamin Görlach and Eduard Interwies investigated many of the economic aspects - such as the cost recovery for water services, incentive pricing for water, or the selection of cost-effective measures. The study to the German Federal Environmental Agency was published.

In the implementation of the EC Water Framework Directive, the concept of environmental and resource costs applies above all to the cost recovery of water services. Article 9 of theRead more

UNEP Round Table

December 2003 to February 2004

The Round Table is intended to further the international discussion on the issue of universal membership in UNEP and to possibly develop a common understanding and set of strategies within the European Union.

A universal membership of each UN Member States in the Governing Council of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) could increase UNEP`s legitimacy and enhance its political importance. Accordingly, the issue of universal membership is one of major interest. In this context, Ecologic organised a Round TableRead more

Emission Reduction for Priority and Priority Hazardous Substances According to the Water Framework Directive

December 2003 to January 2010
The Water Framework Directive stipulates the implementation of measures for a step-wise reduction and phase-out of emissions and losses of a group of 33 priority and priority hazardous substances. In the context of this project, strategies for emission reduction will be developed. Ecologic provides expert legal advice for developing and supporting the German position in the negotiations at EU level.Read more

Heavily Modfied Water Bodies in the Danube River Basin

December 2003 to February 2004

On 9-10 February 2004 an international workshop took place in Bucharest, Romania. The workshop intended to assist the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) and its member countries in carrying out the identification and designation of heavily modified water bodies in the Danube River Basin according to the Water Framework Directive (WFD).

EU guidance documents support implementation of WFD
For the purpose of a European-wide comparable implementation of the European Union Water Framework Directive (WFD), several EU guidanceRead more


Flood Prevention and Remediation in Germany

October 2003
Ecologic analyses the German approach on flood protection by looking at existing legislation and the furthering of policy development. Strengths and weaknesses have been outlined and conclusions and recommendations are drawn in a paper. Read more

The Role of Tradable Permits in Water Pollution Control

October 2003 to December 2003
R. Andreas Kraemer presented Ecologic's paper on "The Role of Tradable Permits in Water Pollution Control" in Santiago de Chile. The paper - which is now available for download -  served as a conceptual framework to support discussions at the Technical Seminar on the Feasibility of the Application of Tradable Water Permits for Water Management in Chile (13-14 November 2003). Read more

Consultancy for the European Parliament's Environment Committee

September 2003 to May 2010
The European Parliament’s Environment Committee often needs to rapidly react to Commission proposals and at the same time often needs a solid basis to develop own initiatives within its field of responsibility. Short written briefing notes help to improve the legislative assistance to its Members and strengthen the Committee’s competence in this respect.Read more

Economic Assessment of Soil Deterioration

September 2003 to April 2004
Soil is the basis of all economic and cultural activities; however, this "fundamental" economic value of soil is barely recognised. As part of a project for the European Commission, Ecologic and the French Geological Survey (BRGM) will therefore estimate the economic consequences that the continued degradation of European soils implies. Read more

Recommendations for 2004 of European Environmental Advisory Councils to the European Council

August 2003 to September 2003
Each spring, the European Council meets in order to discuss Europe's progress towards becoming the most competitive economy in the world. At the same time, progress in the area of sustainable development is reviewed. The Working Group on Sustainable Development of the European Environmental Advisory Councils (EEAC) is preparing recommendations as an input to the spring meetings. Ecologic helped the Working Group in drafting the EEAC recommendations for 2004. Read more

The Role of Labour Unions in Sustainable Consumption and Production

July 2003 to June 2004
Labour unions have a significant impact on consumption and production patterns. By means of case studies from Germany, Great Britain, the USA, South Africa and Indonesia, Ecologic examines the current attitude of unions towards sustainable consumption and production patterns. The final report identifies labour unions' potential future contribution to adavancing sustainable development and ways to further strengthen their involvement in the respective national and international governance processes. Read more

National Allocation Plan for the European Emissions Trading System

July 2003 to March 2004
In order to comply with the European directive on emissions trading  the Member States have to establish so-called national allocation plans within a very short time frame which state the total number of allowances to be allocated and the rules of allocation. To establish such a plan in Germany, it is necessary to conduct an extensive data collection in order to understand the emissions of each installation which is covered by the directive. Read more

Implementation and Development of International Environmental Law

June 2003 to May 2005

Ecologic is providing ad hoc legal analysis and practical options for the current negotiations on the implementation and development of international environmental law, as well as on basic principles of international environmental law.

With the increase in international environmental regulations, implementation and compliance are proving problematic. Different instruments and approaches towards ensuring and facilitating implementation and compliance have been developed. Among these new instruments are public participation, information rights, conflict avoidance and conciliationRead more

Legal Framework for a National Emissions Trading Scheme

June 2003 to December 2004
In order to implement its obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as required under the Kyoto Protocol, the European Community elaborated a directive establishing a community-wide greenhouse gas trading system. Ecologic has been commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for the Environmemnt to analyse the legal framework for implementing the directive in Germany and also to draft the implementing legislation. In addition Ecologic develops provisions for the implementation of the flexible Mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol. Read more


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