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Responding to Environmental Conflicts

Implications for Theory and Practice
Documenting the results of a NATO Advanced Research Workshop held in Budapest on 21 to 23 January 1999, the book "Responding to Environmental Conflicts: Implications for Theory and Practice" provides an overview of environment and security challenges, addresses methods for assessing environmental security and their application in case studies, and presents views on the role of international and environmental institutions in preventing and dealing with environmental conflicts.Read more

Environmental Policy and Law in Bulgaria

Towards EU Accession
Within the context of the preparation for Bulgaria's EU accession, this exploratory study of the development of environmental policy in Bulgaria documents and analyses the status of harmonisation of environmental laws in Bulgaria in light of the relevant political, economic, legal and social framework. Read more

Umweltaspekte einer Privatisierung der Wasserwirtschaft in Deutschland

Dokumentation der int. Fachtagung vom 20. und 21. November 2000 in Berlin
The privatisation of water supply and distribution in Germany, in the context of the general discussion concerning the enhancement of competition and efficiency with regard to the liberalisation of public services, is increasingly finding a place on the agenda of policy-makers and interest groups. This report of the conference proceedings summarises the presentations given as well as the most important outcomes of the discussion at the International Symposium held on 20-21 November 2000 in Berlin. Read more

Environmental Policy and Law in Romania

Towards EU Accession
The present analysis of Romania's environmental policy was carried out within the context of preparations for the country's desired EU accession. It is an exploratory attempt to document the current status of harmonisation of environmental legislation in light of the relevant political, economic, legal and social framework.

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Umweltpolitik in Mittel- und Osteuropa

Analyse der EU-Osterweiterung
Ecologic experts completed a study on the state of environmental policy and the environmental law in Middle and East Europe on behalf of the Federal Ministry of the Environment. This revised version of the study outlines the status of European environmental laws from the summer of 2000 which have not yet been implemented.

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International Environmental Policymaking and Transatlantic Co-operation

Setting the Agenda for the World Summit on Sustainable Development
Transatlantic co-operation between the US and EU Member States has an important role to play in the system of international environmental policymaking. Greater transatlantic leadership coupled with extensive consultation of developing countries would greatly enhance policymaking capacities in the system of international environmental governance.

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Breaking the Impasse

Forging an EU Leadership Initiative on Climate Change
Hermann E. Ott, Sebastian Oberthür (2001). Breaking the Impasse. Forging an EU Leadership Initiative on Climate Change. World Summit Papers of the Heinrich Böll Foundation No. 3.Read more

Implementation of Article 12 of the SEVESO II Directive (96/82/EC) in Selected EU Member States

The aim of this study is to examine the transposition and implementation of Article 12 of the Seveso II Directive, also known as COMAH (96/82/EC) , in six EU Member States. Article 12 addresses the land-use planning issues associated with controlling major accident hazards involving dangerous substances. As the Directive should have been transposed by February 1999, the appropriate legislation should have been in place in order to enable this study to be undertaken. However, this proved not to be the case for every country. Experience in relation to both the transposition and implementation of Article 12 of the Seveso II Directive in the six case study countries has been variable. In three countries – Spain, Italy and England – Article 12 has been transposed virtually word for word into national legislation. In the other three countries, transposition has been undertaken in a different manner: only a relatively minor amendment was made to existing German legislation, whereas in Denmark only the first paragraph of Article 12 has been transposed. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands the Article has not yet been transposed.Read more

The Water Framework Directive and Nature Conservation

Discussion Paper commissioned by the Baltic Environmental Forum
Dieses von Ecologic erarbeitete Hintergrundpapier diente den Teilnehmern zur Vorbereitung auf die Konferenz "River Basin Management and Ecological Water Quality", die im Juni 2001 in Roosta, Estland stattfand. Die Ergebnisse der Kurzstudie wurden auf der Konferenz präsentiert.Read more


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