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Internationaler Handel und Umweltschutz

Zielkonflikte und Ansatzpunkte des Interessenausgleichs
"Trade and Environmental Protection" represents a cross-cutting issue area that must be simultaneously handled at different political levels. This book describes and analyses the institutional structures that are necessary for addressing trade and environment issues and indentifies integration strategies. In addition to being relevant to international policy-making, the topic covered in this book also reflects an area of special interest and activity at Ecologic.Read more

Umweltschutz und Tourismus

Deutsche Tourismusaußenpolitik zwischen GATS und CSD
The strain placed on the environment by the tourism industry has grown drastically from year to year. At the same time, however, efforts have also been increasing at national and international levels to reduce this negative impact. In view of the significance of cross-border tourism, such efforts can only be successful within the framework of international co-operation.

Read more

The Kyoto-Protocol

International Climate Policy for the 21st Century
The adoption of the Kyoto Protocol in December 1997 was a major achievement in the endeavour to tackle the problem of global climate change at the dawn of the 21st century. After many years of involvement in the negotiation process, the book's two internationally recognised authors now offer the international community a first hand and inside perspective of the debate on the Kyoto Protocol.Read more

Die WTO-Ministerkonferenz in Seattle

Ergebnisse und Perspektiven für den Umweltschutz
WTO Ministerial Conferences' site events represent unique occasions for trade and environment experts to meet and exchange opinions. Large numbers of high level policy makers, researchers and academics as well as representatives from civil society groups from all over the world come together to discuss recent developments in the area, conflicts between trade, environment and sustainable development, and potential solutions. Ecologic participated in a number of the site events at the Seattle Ministerial and reported their outcomes to the German Federal Environmental Agency.Read more

Packaging Waste: German Case Study

Technology and Environmental Policy
Eichstädt, Tilman; Walter Kahlenborn 2000: Technology and Environmental Policy. Packaging Waste: German Case Study. Final report for TEP project. European Commission Framework Programme IV (1994 - 1998). Environment and Climate Programme of DG Xii. Ecologic - Centre for International and European Environmental Research, Berlin.Read more

Rencontre Franco-Allemande/ Deutsch-Französisches Treffen

Nachhaltige Entwicklung und Integration des Umweltschutzes in allen Politiksektoren
Kraemer, R. Andreas; Anne-Gabrielle Mazurek; Alexandra Hähnel 2000: Rencontre Franco-Allemande/ Deutsch-Französisches Treffen.Développement durable et intégration des considérations environnementales à l'ensemble des secteurs politiques. Nachhaltige Entwicklung und Integration des Umweltschutzes in allen Politiksektoren. Ecologic, Berlin.Read more

The Implementation of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer in the European Union

Ecologic provided an overview of the state of implementation of the Montreal Protocol by assembling 15 case studies on the efforts of various EU Member States in implementing measures. The case studies focused on three aspects: planned phase-out scenarios and measures, legislation and policy instruments used to ensure implementation, and controlling instruments that provide an understanding of the actual extent of implementation.Read more

Umweltpolitische Anforderungen an den Beitritt ausgewählter Staaten Mittel- und Osteuropas zur Europäischen Union

The Eastern enlargement of the EU poses major challenges for German and European environmental policy. On the one hand, the process of political and economic transformation in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe offers a unique opportunity to substantially improve the state of the environment in the whole of Europe. On the other hand, there is a serious risk that the level of environmental protection will suffer - perhaps even that which has already been achieved so far will be undone - if an 'environmentally friendly' political strategy of Eastern enlargement should fail.Read more

Sustainable Urban Tourism

Framework Conditions, Agents and Factors Influencing Participatory-Decision-Making
Ecologic conducted a report on sustainable urban tourism, its framework conditions, agents and factors influencing decision making.Read more

1998 ODS Data in the European Union

Ecologic analysed and compared different sources of data on the production and trade in Ozone Depleting Substances. Reporting data on production, imports and exports of ozone depleting substances (ODS) is one of the most fundamental bases for checking compliance with the Montreal Protocol. There are different sources for generating the necessary data. The European Commission has generally relied on the reporting by producers and importers/exporters as required under Article 17 of Regulation (EC) 3093/94 to generate the needed information. These data have provided the basis for submitting the annual data required under Article 7 of the Montreal Protocol to the Secretariat of the Protocol in Nairobi. Read more


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