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Ermittlung des Standes der Rechtsangleichung im Umweltbereich und Identifizierung des Beratungsbedarfs im Rahmen bilateraler Vorhaben in Bulgarien

In this study, Ecologic reviewed the development of Bulgaria's environmental quality and provided an overview of the development of Bulgaria's environmental policy, including its legal foundations and environmental policy instruments. The analysis' main focus was on progress and existing deficits in Bulgaria's adoption of the European Union's environmental Acquis communautaire. On this basis, the analysis also identified areas in which extensive advising and investments by bilateral and multilateral institutions were needed to support Bulgaria in the area of environmental policy as it moves toward European Union membership. The study was prepared for experts in national environmental administrations and multilateral institutions.Read more

Instruments and Options for Environmental Policy during the Accession Process of EU Associated Countries in the Area of Environment and Energy (Slovenia)

This study identifies EU accession requirements for the Accession Countries in the area of the environment and energy, and the relevant specific circumstances in each of the five countries (Estonia, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary). Based on the respective findings, it is possible to draw conclusions with respect to co-operation at the EU, intergovernmental and company level.Read more

National Case Study on Policy Networks and the Implementation of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive 91/271/EEC in Germany

Hansen, Wenke; Walter Kahlenborn; R. Andreas Kraemer 2000: National Case Study on Policy Networks and the Implementation of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive 91/271/EEC in Germany. Technology and Environmental Policy. European Commission Framework Programme IV (1994-1998). Environment and Climate Programme of DG XII. Ecologic - Centre for International and European Environmental Research, Berlin.Read more

Producer Responsibility within Policy Networks: The Case of German Packaging Policy

The German Packaging Ordinance of 1991 marked one of the first attempts to introduce the concept of producer responsibility into environmental policy. In this article, Tilman Eichstädt, Alexander Carius, and R. Andreas Kraemer of Ecologic Institute use policy network analysis to assess policy outcomes as well as the environmental and economic efficiency of the German packaging policy. Read more

Environmental Change and Security

A European Perspective
Does a connection exist between environmental degradation, resource scarcity and violent conflicts? Global environmental changes, such as climate change and sea level rise, shortage of fresh water and rapid soil degradation increasingly highlight the dimensions of environmental change in foreign and security policy. To reverse these negative environmental consequences over the long term, comprehensive and preventive policy approaches are urgently required.Read more

Tourismus- und Umweltpolitik. Ein politisches Spannungsfeld

Beiträge zur Internationalen und Europäischen Umweltpolitik
Ever since tourism became a huge money making industry, it has presenting both an growing problem and a unique opportunity for the environment. The modern tourist is concerned with preserving nature, but at the same time also affects it in multiple ways. How does German tourism policy and the tourism industry react to this dilemma? How do the different environmental policy actors behave?

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Handbook on Data Reporting Under the Montreal Protocol

This Handbook assists developing and developed countries with providing accurate, comprehensive and timely data as per their specific reporting obligations under the Montreal Protocol to protect the stratospheric ozone layer from the effects of ozone depleting substances (ODS). It helps ozone officers understand and follow the correct data reporting procedures, including those related to Article 7 and Multilateral Fund requirements. The Handbook has been developed by Ecologic. Read more

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Zur Reform des internationalen Konfliktmanagements: Das Beispiel Seevölkerrecht
The way in which international legal disputes can be settled has become a topic of much debate. There is talk of a stagnation of public international law; this has been exacerbated by complicated, inefficient mechanisms and has led to the general perception of this type of law as a blunt sword in the fight for justice. The international law of the sea presented in this article exemplifies ways in which public international law can be improved.

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Verstärkte Zusammenarbeit im Umweltbereich

Möglichkeiten der Anwendung der in Titel VII EUV festgelegten Bestimmung für Flexibilität im Umweltbereich
Stefani Bär et al. 1999: Verstärkte Zusammenarbeit im Umweltbereich - Möglichkeiten der Anwendung der in Titel VII EUV festgelegten Bestimmung für Flexibilität im Umweltbereich. Ecologic, Berlin.Read more

Regierungskonferenz 2000

Anforderungen aus Umweltperspektive zur nächsten Reform des EU-Vertragswerkes
Bär, Stefani; R. Andreas Kraemer 1999: Regierungskonferenz 2000. Anforderungen aus Umweltperspektive zur nächsten Reform des EU-Vertragswerkes. Berlin.Read more


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