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Riverside Chat

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National Stimulus Packages – Steps toward Recovery or Pathways to Progress?

5 May 2009

Michael KohlhaasNils Meyer-OhlendorfOn 5 May 2009, an Ecologic International Riverside Chat brought Michael Kohlhaas and Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf together to discuss the opportunities of the current economic crisis for creating a more sustainable economy. Michael Kohlhaas is a Research Associate at the Department of Energy, Transportation and Environment at...Read more

Adapting/Adopting: Perspectives on International Cooperation in Addressing Climate Change

6 May 2008

Alina BokdeNicole WilkeOn May 6, 2008, an Ecologic International Riverside Chat brought together Alina Bokde and Nicole Wilke to discuss the topics of adaptation and adoption of climate policies in the context of addressing the challenges associated with climate change....Read more

European Policies and Attitudes on Renewable Energies and innovative policies towards sustainability – US and NZ Perspectives

28 November 2007
J. Morgan WilliamsJay BenforadoOn 28 November 2007, an Ecologic Transatlantic Riverside Chat brought together Dr. J. Morgan Williams and Jay Benforado to share and discuss perspectives on European policies regarding renewable energy and innovative approaches towards sustainability. The speakers highlighted the strength of European and German positive attitudes towards renewable energy, while stressing the continuous challenge the transition towards a sustainable energy system still imposes. Opportunities and challenges for innovation and leadership were the recurring central themes of the discussion, which took place between policy makers and representatives from think tanks, business, NGOs and Academia. Read more

Bioenergy and Climate Friendly Farming Practices: Approaches in Germany and the United States

17 August 2007

Bioenergy and climate friendly farming practices were discussed at the first in a series of Transatlantic Ecologic Riverside Chats that took place in Berlin on 17 August 2007. The event was held on the occasion of the visit of 30 farmers as well as policy makers, scientists, and journalists with an agricultural background from within Germany and the United States...Read more