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Geographical Aspects of International Environmental Governance

Illustrating Decentralisation
The rise in the number of environmental institutions at the international level can be seen as a source of inconsistency within the implementation, enforcement, and rule-making processes of the environmental governance system. In this discussion paper Ecologic provides background information and several detailed maps to illustrate the spatial dispersion of the various institutions. The publication is available for download.

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Think Tanks as Players in Global Governance

12 August 2005

The worldwide emergence of public policy research organizations has occurred only recently. Compared to the US, the concept of “think tanks” is relatively new in Germany, and there are only a very limited number of institutions active in policy research and policy consulting. On 12 August 2005 Markus Knigge, Fellow at Ecologic, gave a presentation at the Bucerius Summer School on how Ecologic - one of the few German think tanks - contributes to environmental policy making on the German, European and international level.

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Transatlantic Environmental Relations at the Subnational Level

12 July 2005

Local and regional institutions are essential for effectively tackling local environmental problems and for implementing policies that address global environmental challenges. In recent years, a number of transatlantic partnerships between regional and local institutions have evolved in order to change information and best practices in the environmental policy area. The Heinrich Boell Foundation organised an informal dinner on 12 July 2005 during which Ecologic Fellow Markus Knigge gave a speech on the role, the functioning and the effectiveness of transatlantic environmental partnerships, and discussed his findings with the participants present.

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Towards a Stronger System of International Environmental Governance

December 2004 to July 2005
Launched in 2003, a French Initiative gave new impetus into the debate about upgrading UNEP to a United Nation Environment Organisation (UNEO). In this context Ecologic - in cooperation with IDDRI - organizes a conference in May 2005. It is the conference's objective to discuss and explore the potential benefits of a UNEO. 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Prof. Wangari Maathai as well as Federal Minister of Environment Juergen Trittin will be among the conference's speakers.Read more

Reforming International Environmental Governance.

An Institutionalist Critique of the Proposal for a World Environment Organisation
In this article Sebastian Oberthür and Thomas Gehring argue that a World Environment Organisation (WEO) does not promise to enhance international environmental governance. The authors claim that the establishment of an international organisation alone in a policy field currently populated by regimes cannot be expected to significantly improve environmental governance because there is no qualitative difference between these two forms of governance institutions. This article does not address in detail or extend upon recent proposals for giving more importance to the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) or for upgrading it to a special UN organisation.Read more

Specific Needs of Developing Countries - Design Option for a UNEO

December 2004 to January 2005
Launched in 2003, the "French Initiative" gave new impetus into the debate about upgrading UNEP to a full-fledged UN Agency. In this project, Ecologic analyses the specific challenges for developing countries in implementing international environmental policies. Based on the findings Ecologic designs options for a future United Nations Environmentmal Organisation (UNEO). The project's policy paper is available for download. Read more

4th Transatlantic Dialogue on Precaution

19 September 2004 to 21 September 2004
Durham, NC
United States
"Risk Management in a Complex World" was the theme of the 4th Transatlantic Dialogue on Precaution, held at Duke University, Durham, NC, USA, on 19-21 September 2004, and hosted by the Duke Center for Environmental Solutions. R. Andreas Kraemer, who attended also the previous dialogues in the series, contributed as discussant on ozone depletion and climate change.Read more

New Directions in Global Environmental Governance

23 August 2004

International environmental governance, concerns about its current state and options to strengthen the global environmental regime were the subject of the Dinner Dialogue with Maria H. Ivanova, Director of the Global Environmental Governance Project at Yale University. The discussion started off with an assessment of UNEP's achievements. It focused on ways of reforming and strengthening the current system of international...Read more

Vorbereitung eines PRTR für Deutschland

Striegel, Gabriel; Barbara Rathmer, Christian Kühne et al. 2004: Vorbereitung eines PRTR für Deutschland. Landesanstalt für Umweltschutz Baden-Württemberg/Ecologic/Fraunhofer Inst. f. Systemtechnik und Innovationsforschung (ISI)/ RISA Sicherheitsanalysen.Read more


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