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How we work - Ecologic Institute EU

How we work - Ecologic Institute EU

Solution oriented

Our work aims to generate results that are socially and politically relevant. Our research seeks to find solutions to current problems, and this problem-solving power makes our research excellent. We want our research results to be applicable, useful, and available when they are needed.

A project example: Individuals in Context: Supportive Environments for Sustainable Living (InContext)



Scientists at Ecologic Institute think beyond the boundaries of disciplines. For example, on the way to a sustainable society, environmental protection issues need to be integrated into agricultural and transportation policy. We realize the exchange of information and discussions with other scientific disciplines in our multidisciplinary project teams, which work on national and international research projects.

A project example: Global Land Use and Sustainability (GLOBALANDS)



We involve actors from politics, civil society, and business at the very beginning of our research activities, both in the formulation of research questions and in the actual research process. With this integrative approach, we create societal acceptance at a broad level and support the implementation of our research results in everyday life.

A project example: Regional Adaptation Strategies for the German Baltic Sea Coast (RADOST)


In Dialogue

An important component of our self image is to share our store of knowledge. The knowledge and skills of our scientists should be reproducible, and our problem solving methods should also be able to be applied by others. That is why researches at Ecologic Institute are engaged in teaching in a variety of ways: with university cooperation in Germany and abroad, with teacher training, with summer schools, and with teaching assignments.

A lecture example: Duke University Course on Environmental Policy in Europe