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Oekom Research – Development of Criteria for Company Ratings for Sustainable Investment

October 1995
Oekom research AG is one of the world's leading providers of information on the social and environmental performance of companies, sectors and countries. The scientifically based rating system for the assessment of businesses and their products, processes, services and business models is being constantly updated with the support of an independent advisory board, co-chaired by R. Andreas Kraemer of Ecologic. Read more

Draft model international investment agreements for sustainable development

International investment agreements and arbitration have significant roles for sustainable development. However, there is wide scepticism about the approach currently reflected in the existing agreements. Konrad von Moltke, Partner at Ecologic, together with colleagues at the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), developed a Model Agreement on Investment.

Light at the end of the tunnel? Participation and Transparency in Export Credit Agencies

3 December 2004

"Greening of Policies - Interlinkages and Policy Integration" was the title of the Fourth Berlin Conference on the human dimension of global change. Organised by the Environmental Policy Research Centre of the Free University Berlin the conference took place on 3-4 December 2004 in Berlin. Ecologic Fellows Benjamin Görlach and Markus Knigge presented their work on transparency in export credit agencies.Read more

Ecologic hosts Constituent Board Assembly of Two New Ethical Investment Funds

After the success of the award-winning OekoVision investment fund focusing in small and mid-sized businesses. OekoWorld Lux SA has launched two new mutual investment funds, OekoTrend Bonds and OekoTrend Stocks Europe.  Ecologic hosted the constituent meeting of the investment advisory board, which is co-chaired by R. Andreas Kraemer. This sets and applies selection and weighting criteria and supervises their application.

OekoVision Ethical Investment Fund Focusing on Small and Mid-sized Businesses

May 1996

The OekoVision mutual fund or investment trust invests primarily in small and mid-sized companies that are ecological and ethical leaders in their sectors and regions, and that have the highest prospects for growth and profitability.  OekoVision's asset management is A-rated by Standard & Poor and has received a prestigious Lipper Award.Read more

OekoTrend Bonds Ethical Investment Fund for AA-rated Government Bonds

March 2004

OekoTrend Bonds is a mutual investment fund investing exclusively in interest-bearing government bonds with recognised first-class ratings. States with particular achievements in relation to social, environmental and ethical challenges are given priority.  Using the REX 10P Index® as a benchmark, the fund is insured at time of rising interest rates and falling markets.

OekoTrend Bonds is marketed primarily in the German-speaking regions of Europe.

The independent OekoTrendRead more

Investment regimes - Achilles' heel of international economic policy?

23 March 2004

Why did Cancún fail to achieve an agreement on investment? This was the main question discussed during this Dinner Dialogue with Prof. Dr. Konrad von Moltke on 23 March 2004 in Berlin. Seventeen representatives from policy making, research, NGOs and business came together to informally discuss the importance of investment agreements with regard to the environment, development and sustainability.

"It is...Read more

Concerted Action on Trade + Environment (CAT+E)

December 2002 to November 2005
Following the conclusion of the Uruguay Round the agenda of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) expanded to incorporate a number of environment related issues, such as services, intellectual property rights, and investment related measures. The EU-funded CAT+E project (Concerted Action on Trade and Environment) aims to ensure dialogue and debate between European Research Institutes on these issues. Through a series of international conferences and publications, the CAT+E network analyses the current trade and environment agenda, strengthens co-oporation among European Research institutes and identifies needs for further research. Ecologic's CAT+E reports are available for download. The trade and environment policy and research agendas have expanded rapidly in recent years. Following conclusion of the Uruguay Round the agenda of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) expanded to incorporate a number of environment related issues, such as services, intellectual property rights, or investment related measures. This rapid expansion of the trade and environment agenda has created a major area of research that is attracting researchers in virtually all member states. Read more

Multilateral Environmetal Agreements (MEAs) and WTO Rules

10 May 2004
In the framework of the EC funded Programme "Raising the awareness of trade issues in civil society", Ecologic is organising a one-day seminar in Budapest, Hungary. The aim of the seminar is to provide participants from civil society with a better understanding of the relationship between multilateral environmental agreements and WTO rules, to raise awareness on how better to participate in and influence European trade policy and to contribute to a closer co-operation and networking among civil society groups in Hungary. The Seminar languages will be English and Hungarian. Read more

The Use of Environmental and Social Criteria in Export Credit Agencies' Practices

April 2003 to June 2003
Ecologic published a study on the incorporation of environmental and social standards into export credit agencies' lending practices. The study, which was commissioned by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), surveys the environmental guidelines of eight OECD member states' export credit agencies. Special emphasis was given to the support of large dams; in this context, the study evaluates to what extent the recommendations made by the World Commission on Dams are reflected in the environmental and social guidelines.Read more


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