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Environmental Policy Integration and Multi-Level Governance (EPIGOV)

This European Policy Brief gives an overview of the results of the project "EPIGOV" which aims to co-ordinate and synthesise the research on environmental policy integration. The policy brief summarizes the objectives of the research, the scientific approach as well as conclusions and impulses. Additionally, it provides key messages for policy makers, businesses, trade unions and civil society actors.Read more

Oral History: The Beginning of Environmental Policy Consultancy in Germany

18 October 2012

Prof. Dr. Martin Jänicke was one of Willy Brandt’s helpers in his 1969 election campaign, was co-founder of the German Green Party, has founded—together the with Lutz Mez—the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU) at the Free University of Berlin, and has thus taken part in creating the scientific infrastructure of environmental policy consultancy. Moreover, Prof. Dr. Martin Jänicke is co-founder...Read more

Quality Requirements for Sustainability Evaluations

Sustainability aspects are often insufficiently considered, if at all, within standards for evaluations or impact assessments. This book chapter points out the challenges raised by sustainability evaluations and the aspects which should be added to existing evaluation standards.

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Assessment of the Potential of Ecosystem-based Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Europe

12 July 2012

"Climate mainstreaming" still raises a lot of questions among scientists, policy makers, and stakeholders. One overarching question is how climate protection can be integrated in a cross-sectoral policy approach. On 12 July 2012, the consortium of the RESPONSES project, together with the Institute of European Environmental Policy (IEEP), organized a symposium in Brussels to discuss the concept of climate mainstreaming. Timo Kaphengst of Ecologic Institute presented the results of the Ecologic project "Ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation and mitigation" and discussed its potential roleRead more

Sustainable Development, Evaluation and Policy-Making

Theory, Practise and Quality Assurance
In times of financial crises and pressure to justify public spending, evaluation of projects, programs, and policies increases. Sustainability, which has become a socially and politically widely accepted concept throughout Europe, therefore ought to be included to a greater extent within evaluation practices to assess social and ecological impacts. Anneke von Raggamby of Ecologic Institute is one of the editors of this book.

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Impact Assessment of Adaptation Options - Methodology for Selecting Options

2 April 2012

In order to prioritize adaptation options, the project team of "Methodologies for climate proofing investments and measures under Cohesion and Regional policy and the Common Agricultural Policy" developed a typology for adaptation options. Jenny Tröltzsch presented the decision tree for the selection of adaptation options that were further analyzed using a detailed cost-benefit assessment procedure. Furthermore, the presentation included a set of criteria for a broader assessment of the options' impacts. The presentation is available for download.

The workshop on 2 April 2012Read more

Sustainable research – creating transformative knowledge

6 February 2012

This commencement event began the "Creating Transformative Knowledge" initiative of the Year of Science 2012 dedicated to the "Sustainability and the Future Earth Project," which is managed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The goal is to provide an overview of the state of current knowledge and existing knowledge gaps that are relevant for actively supporting...Read more

European Priorities for Sustainability

2 December 2011
United Kingdom

On 2 December 2011, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation London and Compass hosted a one day conference on sustainability titled: "Sustainability and the Good Society". The debate was part of the ongoing Good Society process to define new perspectives for social democratic or progressive policies in Europe. Max Grünig, Fellow at the Ecologic Institute, presented "European priorities for sustainability" and wrote an online comment "Stating Our Priorities". The article and presentation are available for download.

Contributions covered aspects such as measuring sustainability, green growthRead more

International regimes and environmental policy integration: introducing the special issue

This article, which is co-authored by Senior Fellow Ingmar von Homeyer of the Ecologic Institute, introduces a special issue of the journal International Environmental Agreements on environmental policy integration (EPI) at the international level. Referring to the integration of environmental concerns into other, non-environmental policies, the concept of EPI has been applied at national and EU-level but has rarely been analysed in relation to the global arena.Read more


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