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European Adaptation Newsletter

The electronic newsletter, published in English, includes stories on the latest findings of the BASE project (Bottom-Up Adaptation Strategies towards a Sustainable Europe), along with information on other key developments related to climate change adaptation in Europe. Furthermore, the newsletter includes a number of recurring features. These include the 'Adaptation Dialogues', chronicling the perspectives and experiences of local level stakeholders implementing adaptation activities, as well as the 'Adaptation Snapshots', images from around Europe of adaptation in action.Read more

DEMEAU Newsletter

The water and wastewater sectors face tremendous challenges to assure safe, cost-effective, and sustainable water supply and sanitation services. Detecting and treating emerging pollutants has become a critical need in these sectors. Innovative technologies could hold the key to solving these challenges. To support the market penetration and broader application of innovative methods and technologies in the water and wastewater sectors, DEMEAU cooperates with relevant policy makers, regulators, and standardisation bodies as well as with technology producers and users on the national and EU level. The DEMEAU newsletter delivers insights and shares developments within the DEMEAU FP7 project.Read more
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