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Our Responsibility - Ecologic Institute EU

Our Responsibility - Ecologic Institute EU

As an Employer

Ecologic Institute's staff is employed in accordance with applicable statutory requirements on social security. Our employees are generally employed on a permanent basis; only in exceptional cases do we hire employees for a limited duration. In addition, we take the Collective Wage Agreement for the Public Service (TVÖD) into consideration when determining employee wages. In 2007, the Berlin Chamber of Commerce recognized Ecologic Institute as a qualified provider of apprentice training. Our individual professional development policies support our employees' personal and professional growth.




Contact Person: Anneke Klasing

As a non-profit Organisation

Ecologic Institute is officially registered with the Local Court of Berlin-Charlottenburg as Ecologic Institut gemeinnuetzige (non-profit) GmbH. In its statutes [pdf, 71 kB, English] or bye-laws, the Institute states its commitment to the not-for-profit goals of environmental protection, research, and education. Any surplus or profit needs to be re-invested in activities contributing to these objectives. Since its foundation, the non-profit status of the institute has been verified and confirmed by competent German authorities. Ecologic Institute does not receive any core funding from public bodies.




Contact Person: Agnès Reinsberg

As a Research Institute

Since our founding in 1995, we have conducted hundreds of research projects. Our research partners include some of the world's most renowned universities and institutions. As a research institute, we always apply scientific best practices to our work. For us, this includes embracing a diversity of opinions within the institute, constantly challenging our research results and encouraging feedback on our work. For this reason, the institute has created its own guidelines for safeguarding good scientific practices [pdf, 49 kB, English]. These guidelines were reviewed and approved by the German Research Foundation (DFG), the main funding body for academic research in Germany.




Contact Person: Dr. Grit Martinez

As an Institute with Relevance for Policy

Ecologic Institute provides advice to a wide range of political institutions, including European governments and parliaments, the European Union and the United Nations, as well as non-governmental organizations. Our advice is scientific and neutral. The German Federal Government, the Federal Audit Office (Bundesrechnungshof) and the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities have all created guidelines for scientific policy consulting:

These guidelines incorporate requirements pertaining to public administration, which are indirectly relevant for Ecologic Institute and are therefore followed. Ecologic Institute is politically and ideologically neutral. Ecologic Institute does not engage in lobbying for third parties and the vast majority of its work is carried out for public institutions or other not-for-profit clients. Ecologic Institute publishes all fundamental information regarding current and past projects on its website.




Contact Person: Dr. Camilla Bausch

As a Promoter of Sustainable Development

Our goal is to contribute to a high level of environmental protection and to sustainable development through our work. We promote sustainability not just on a political level, but also on smaller scales, including in our offices. We are setting a good example by maximizing the ecological sustainability of our work.